Watch The Trailer For The New ‘High Fidelity’ Remake Series

Hulu has shared the trailer for their upcoming High Fidelity series adaptation, which stars Zoë Kravitz as the protagonist, and it looks bloody great. It’s the second time the Nick Hornby novel of the same name has been adapted, after the John Cusack-starring film released in 2000.

While the new series changes the protagonist’s gender and location (the novel was set in London, the film Chicago, and the series in Brooklyn), it appears to be thematically faithful to the originals. Kravitz plays Rob, a record store owner who begins taking stock of past relationships and heartbreaks through a music and pop culture lens.

Some interesting trivia is that Kravitz’ mother Lisa Bonet played singer (and one of protagonist Rob’s brief love interests) Marie De Salle in the 2000 film, so it feels only right that she take the main role in the new adaptation.

Watch the trailer for the High Fidelity series below. It’s coming to Hulu in the US in February, so it’ll be tricky to watch legally in Australia, but hopefully we’ll get to see it down the line.

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