Watch ‘Twin Peaks’ Star Kyle MacLachlan Attempt Aussie Slang While In Sydney Hotel Quarantine

Twin Peaks legend Kyle MacLachlan is locking down in Sydney as we speak, trying to keep his brain sharp by mastering the Australian accent.

And, well, he has a fair bit of work to do.

The celebrated actor is completing his mandatory two weeks hotel quarantine before he begins work on Joe Exotic, a dramatised series based on the characters from Netflix’s blockbuster Tiger King doco.

As The Guardian reports, MacLachlan has been cast as Howard Baskin in the upcoming series, which is based on the life of big cat activist and Joe Exotic’s arch nemesis Carole Baskin and began shooting in Brisbane last month.

But for now, he’s got another character in mind; the quintessential Aussie bogan.

K-Mac has been filming his attempts to master various bits of Aussie slang, trying his hand at some of our iconic national catch-phrases such as “budgie smugglers”, “bludger”, “sink a goon bag from a bottle-o” and “a right good piss-up”.

While he’s not quite there yet, he’s only two days deep into his 14 day quarantine stint, and his Twin Peaks co-star and bonafide Aussie (fight us) Naomi Watts has been giving him plenty of props, asserting that he’ll be “spot on by day 14, no wuckin’ furries!”

Bloody onya mates.

Watch Kyle MacLachlan’s Aussie slang attempts, coming atcha live from Sydney hotel quarantine, below.


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