The New Pollution: # 011 – Computer Magic

Computer Magic is Danielle “Danz” Johnson, a young New Yorker who makes futuristic music as imagined by 1980s film makers.

Danz has a blog, she DJs, she’s little, she apparently does graphic design, she likes all things science fiction and according to her Facebook, likes Curb, It’s Always Sunny, Breaking Bad, NBA Jam & George Harrison. Combined with her four letter nickname, (close friends of mine will notice) she is basically my girlfriend and I smushed together minus the tennis ability and ethnicity. Anyway, back to useful information…

Computer Magic sounds a bit like LCD Soundsystem without the guitars or perhaps a more upbeat version of Boards of Canada/Seekae. Best just to have a listen below. She is currently working on a debut LP which will probably bare her newest track, Ex Believer, a song best enjoyed while walking the halls of your spaceship. You can find it on her Bandcamp, MySpace (etc.) which are linked below.


Computer Magic – The End Of Time

MySpace – Official Site – SoundCloud

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