The New Pollution: # 019 – Giant Drag

2005 was a great time for music. Bloc Party were making post-punk songs, Purple Sneakers was still at the Abercrombie and Friday night Rage was actually worth taping, in the hope that you would discover your new favourite band. One of the bands that I became instantly hooked on during this great time for music was Giant Drag.

Hailing from The O.C. (don’t call it that), Giant Drag is a duo consisting of lead singer/guitarist Annie Hardy and drummer Micah Calabrese. They make shoe-gazey, wall-of-sound, grungey music. Dark humour is prevalent throughout (song titles from debut LP, Hearts & Unicorns include; My Dick Sux, Kevin Is Gay and You Fuck Like My Dad) and their music videos feature an overtone of anguish.

Giant Drag returned to action in 2010 (five years after the first album) with their Swan Song EP. It’s more swirly guitars and 90s vocals. A second full length album was confirmed to be completed on Hardy’s Twitter in late 2010, but the time that has elapsed since then (without a release) is pretty disconcerting in itself.

Listen to Giant Drag if you’re into My Bloody Valentine, Louis C.K. and Band of Horses’ older stuff. I also think they’re suitable for people who find Yuck to be just a tad too slow and boring. At the very least, listen to Kevin Is Gay (embedded below) as it’s definitely one my favourite songs.


Giant Drag – Kevin Is Gay

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