The 12 Best Candidates To Replace Brian Johnson In AC/DC

12. Fergus Linacre – Kingswood

Kingswood’s Fergus Linacre is no stranger to sharing a stage with AC/DC, earning his stadium stripes warming up crowds at the band’s recent Rock Or Bust Down Under shows.

Plus there’d be something nicely symbolic about one of Australia’s most successful veteran rock acts shining an international spotlight on one of the country’s most promising new ones.

Not to mention, everyone who’s seen the ‘Wood live knows that Linacre can wail like Robert bloody Plant, the only question is: can he wail like Brian bloody Johnson and Bon bloody Scott.

Watch: Kingswood – Ramble On Live


11. Brittany Howard – Alabama Shakes

This may seem like an odd choice, but the blues-rock vocal powerhouse behind Alabama Shakes could sing the Big Balls off AC/DC. Acca Dacca’s music has always been rooted in the blues, with Angus Young earning himself a reputation among guitar geeks as one of the world’s foremost blues shredders.

After collecting a haul of trophies at this year’s Grammy Awards for her work with the ‘Shakes, Brittany Howard would be a wise choice for AC/DC because of her current popularity. But add to that, her incredible range and soulful grit would also offer an intriguing new spin on Brian Johnson’s trademark vocal parts, without sacrificing any of their punch.

Watch: Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight Live

10. Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist – The Hives

The Hives frontman has already thrown his hat in the ring for the gig, and offered Acca Dacca a convincing job application after warming the stage for the rock veterans on their recent Aussie tour. In his own words: “I have many many years of experience rocking the world’s biggest stages and, according to others, I am the greatest frontman in rock, plus judging from the reaction in Australia, your crowd already seems to really like me. Plus, I have already been singing those songs since I was six years old. So, AC/DC, please consider my application!”

Listen: The Hives – Back In Black

9. Chad Towns – Dirty Deeds The AC/DC Show 

Who better to fill in for AC/DC than a man who’s spent some of the best years of his life doing bang-on impersonations of both Brian Johnson and Bon Scott to the delight of Acca Dacca superfans at pubs and RSL clubs across Australia? You could argue that there’s nobody else better qualified to replace Johnson than his professional understudy Chad Towns of the Dirty Deeds AC/DC tribute show. Plus, it worked for Judas Priest that one time and Mark Whalberg’s character in the movie Rockstar.

8. Amy Ward – AC/DShe

The same can be said of kickass frontwoman Amy Ward AKA Bonny Scott of internationally renowned all-female AC/DC tribute band AC/DShe, who’d be able to give the dudes a run for their Moneytalks.

Watch: AC / DShe – TNT Live

7. Shannon Noll

Six words: Give the people what they want. Nollsy fever is sweeping the nation and it’s only a matter of time before it goes global, so this is Acca Dacca’s chance to get ahead of the curb. The Condobolin-bred sheep wrangler embodies AC/DC’s working class spirit, plus I bet he knows a thing or two about Sinking The Pink if you know what I mean. Besides JUST IMAGINE THE LOOK ON GUY SEBASTIAN’S FACE WHEN HE FINDS OUT.

Watch: Shannon Noll – Lift Live on Good Morning Australia


6. Jimmy Barnes

Barnsey is an obvious choice. Not only is he a respected peer of Acca Dacca’s (TIL: Bon Scott used to get paid to chauffeur Cold Chisel around Adelaide when they were first starting out on the scene), but he’s one of the few Aussie singers with the pipes to pull off Brian Johnson’s crotch-tearing screams.

Barndogs was long-rumoured to have originally been asked to join the band following the death of Bon Scott, but he’s since pissed on those rumours. That’s not to say it couldn’t still happen, though.

Watch: Jimmy Barnes – Driving Wheels Live


5. Angry Anderson

Like Barnesy, this old Aussie rock dog’s had a career that has evolved alongside AC/DC’s over the past 4+ decades, with the pair tracing their relationship back to 1970’s Melbourne. A career badass, the Rose Tattoo frontman would not look out of place onstage with his veteran Aussie rock bros, and he’s got the lungs and the attitude to do their tunes justice.

Watch: Long Live Bon – Dirty Deeds (Lead Vox – Angry Anderson)

4. Lzzy Hale – Halestorm

A lady who learned her craft from the likes of Dio, Alice Cooper and David Lee Roth, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale is a vocal force to be reckoned with. Not only does she possess the pipes to take AC/DC’s songs to new heights, she’s already proven that she can, ripping a mean cover of Shoot To Thrill on one of Halestorm’s covers EPs and performing multiple dynamite renditions of You Shook Me All Night Long.

Watch: Halestorm – You Shook Me All Night Long (Acoustic) Live

Listen: Halestorm – Shoot To Thrill

3. Michael Starr – Steel Panther

Steel Panther might be a joke band, but they’re also some of the most fuck-off incredible musos on the planet. Michael Starr shreds on vocals. Not only can he scream, he can hit nut-squeazing Mariah fucking Carey notes if needed.

Cutting his teeth in the ancestral home of glam rock – Los Angeles – Starr (real name Ralph Michael Saenz) is from the old school of rock n’ roll performance, where a band’s front-person was more than just a singer, they were an entertainer; oozing confidence, swagger and David Lee Roth-style zazz.

And if all that ain’t enough to convince you that the Gloryhole singer would be a gun replacement for Brian Johnson? Panther are pretty much the only band on the planet whose songs contain more sexual innuendos than AC/DC’s. Fat Girl and Whole Lotta Rosie are basically the same song, while 17 Girls In A Row is kind of like a polyamorous version of You Shook Me All Night Long.

Let’s face it: few other singers could pull off an Acca Dacca lyric such as “Like a hot rod baby? Oh stick this in your fuse box” with the casual ease of this proudly spandex-clad horndog.

Listen: Steel Panther – Whole Lotta Rosie

2. Justin Hawkins – The Darkness

The Darkness have always been an amazing hybrid of Queen-inspired vocals over AC/DC-inspired riffs, crediting the Aussie rock veterans as one of their earliest and most consistent inspirations. Add to that, Justin Hawkins has a voice of superhuman proportions, capable of reaching dizzying altitudes without losing any macho grit. And if you think the onesie-loving frontman is too camp for Acca Dacca? Need we remind you that for AC/DC’s TV debut, Bon Scott appeared in full schoolgirl drag, complete with pigtails and tacky blue eyeshadow. And it was farkin’ AMAZING.

Watch: The Darkness – One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back


1. Joel O’Keeffe – Airbourne

Regrettably, Airbourne are a bigger name overseas than they are in their own homeland. The Warrnambool-bred rockers routinely go from playing in front of 100,000-strong crowds at US and European festivals to headlining modest 1500-cap venues on their home turf. But as anyone who’s seen this band live knows full well, they have one of the sweatiest, most rock n’roll live shows of any band, ever. AC/DC’s influence drips from every single one of their songs, and they’re probably the only band to go toe-to-toe with Acca Dacca when it comes to number of songs written about rock n’ roll.

In conclusion, not only could frontman Joel O’Keefe sing the shit out of any AC/DC song you could throw his way, he’d do it while scaling a Marshall tower and smashing a beer can on his head. Strayaaaaaa.

Watch: Airbourne Live At Rock Am Ring 2013

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