12 Legit Celebs Taylor Swift Might Bring Out On Her Australian Tour

Ok, yes we’ve all had a lot of fun coming up with whacky ideas on who Taylor Swift could bring out on stage with her when she heads down under for the Aussie leg of her insanely talked about 1989 World Tour.

Kerrie Anne Kennerly! Plucka Duck! The Sandwich That School Kid Threw At Julia Gillard! We’ve done it (literally, we literally did it) but now let’s have a legit think about who Her Royal Swiftiness could bring out on stage in December.

We had a look at who are known Australian associates of Tay Tay, who’s she’s voiced her love for and who else is in the country at the same time and came up with this list of extremely possible celebs she might dangle in front of us to prove she is friends with everyone cool on the planet.

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