2014’s Best April Fool’s Jokes

April Fool’s Day is perhaps the internet’s most beloved holiday, where fake viral memes and splashy headlines are not only excused but revered as sacred traditions. Each year on April 1st, our naive tendencies are put through the wringer and around every virtual corner, is the potential to be made a fool.

Today, in the spirit of solidarity, we at Music Feeds are bringing forth a public service warning, exposing the music industry’s best April Fool’s Day pranks that made their way into the public consciousness in 2014, in the hopes we may become all the wiser when the April Fool’s 2015 rolls around.

Deadmau5 was “hacked” by Anonymous

Everyone’s favourite mouse-hat-wearing EDM producer and internet trolling mastermind, Deadmau5, went all hacktivist on us this year, making it seems like Anonymous, a famed organisation of internet hackers, had compromised his Twitter account.

Throughout the day, “Anonymous” swapped over his profile pic with their infamous logo, adjusted his twitter bio and then tweeted “TANGO DOWN” and “EXPECT US” from his account. Alas, conspiracy theorists, it was all just “an elaborate plan.”

The Flaming Lips pulled a long con with Funny Or Die

Lesson leant from April Fools Day 2014 – never, ever trust The Flaming Lips. After this week unveiling a “companion album” to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon called Flaming Side Of The Moon, it turns out the psych-rockers were just playing a long con with help from the notorious pranksters at Funny or Die.

They revealed the hoax to the world in a series of videos which feature comedy stars like Fred Armisen. In another evil-genius move, they also released a New York magazine cover featuring Wayne Coyne, spoofing a recent Alec Baldwin piece. In it Coyne announces his plans to sell out.

Watch: The Flaming Lips Sell Out

Watch: Fred Armisen Joins The Flaming Lips

Watch: Flaming Side Of The Moon Studio Session

Bangs pulled a short-con, quit music and came back in 16 seconds

Viral super-rapper, Bangs, caused a split-second internet scare when he posted a video monologue to his Facebook page announcing he was quitting the business…”April Fools!”. The Australian-based, via South Sudan, rapper first rose to public consciousness in 2009 when his Take U to Da Movies YouTube track became a viral hit. He’s since released two albums and just last year told Kendrick Lamar who’s boss.

N*Sync reunited and disbanded at The Speed Of The Internet

Fans worldwide who have been waiting a decade for an N*Sync reunion tour were heartbroken when the news was confirmed to be a cruel April Fool’s Day hoax. An article was first posted onto Ryan Seacrest‘s website, which was later re-tweeted by Lance Bass, claiming not only a reunion tour but also a comeback album, including a collaboration with Miley Cyrus. The post was signed off with a disclaimer which read: “April Fools! The above story is just a fun fabrication … hope you had a good laugh with us.”

In Hearts Wake released a decidedly un-metalcore hip hop track

On the local side of things, Byron Bay metalcore crew In Hearts Wake used their new track (under the cover of April Fool’s Day) to reveal to the world their rhythmic, hip-hop chops. To their Facebook followers, the band unveiled their new song B.R.T.S (Brown Rice, Tuna and Salad). “This one is definitely a progression in our sound,” said the band, appealing to their fans’ good nature, “so we hope you can all approach this track with an open mind.”

Listen: In Hearts Wake – Brown Rice, Tuna and Salad

Jeremy Neale released a decidedly un-indie-pop power metal song

Keeping up with the genre-swapping game, indie impressionist Jeremy Neale released a triumphant, eighties-throwback power metal track, Stallion Rider. The gift comes complete with its own special-effects laden music video, featuring the sweatband wearing singer, clad in an Iron Maiden tee, rocking out on his electric guitar, in outer space. Enjoy.

Watch: Jeremy Neale – Stallion Rider (Official Music Video)

Tool new album was announced as downloadable content for Half-Life 3

Finally, even Tool got dragged into the mix, their name getting thrown amidst the chaos as Ultimate Guitar announced the bands new album would be released as downloadable content in the massively-anticipated Half-Life 3 game, in order to “aid the struggling music industry”.

The gag is a savvy nod at both Tool and Half-Life‘s shared tendencies to take their sweet time with follow ups. Fans have been waiting, impatiently, for nearly seven years for the latest Half-Life episode (to the internet’s constant glee), while Tool’s last studio album now dates back 8 years.

Until next year!

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