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Image for 36 Gifs Only Punters Who Went To UNIFY Gathering 2019 Will Understand

36 Gifs Only Punters Who Went To UNIFY Gathering 2019 Will Understand

Written by Emmy Mack on January 16, 2019

1. Waiting in the car line to get through the gate like:

2. Your least outdoorsy friend trying to help set up the tent:

3. Thursday campers waking up on Friday morning like:

4. Then coming out of the pit that arvo like:

5. Noticing the free water machine had an option for ‘sparkling’ though:

6. Watching Dream State live for the first time like:

7. Then watching Crossfaith’s set like:

8. Before Ocean Grove had you like:

9. Every time you walked past the Kamikaze ride:

10. Every time you successfully smuggled a tinnie into the arena:

11. Watching In Heart’s Wake’s set like:

12. At first Underoath’s set was like:

13. But then it was like:

14. Trying to find your crew’s camp once you were a few bevvies deep:

15. Passing out in the kartents like:

16. Waking up on Saturday morning like:

17. And looking like this even though you swore you’d slipped, slopped and slapped:

18. Watching Pagan’s set like:

19. Pretty much every song Thornhill played:

20. How everyone watching the bands from the VIP Bar thought they looked:

21. How they actually looked:

22. Walking through camp and witnessing incredible scenes like this:

23. Realising the Vanessa bus had a free ball pit like:

24. Watching Every Time I Die on Saturday night like:

25. Ladies and gentlemen, Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazarra:

26. Trying to get it on in the Kartents like:

27. Listening to hundreds of people at the silent disco attempting to belt out the “Galileo Galileo” part of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in unison at 4am on Sunday like:

28. Dragging yourself up and trying to pack up your tent like:

29. Then trying to haul all your gear back to the car while this is happening:

30. John Floreani’s Little Brother acoustic set on Sunday:

31. Everyone who copped driving duties on the way home:

32. Your first time using a real bathroom again:

33. The state of your shower after your post-UNIFY rinse:

34. Everyone who called in sick for work on Monday:

35. All the heroes who actually went to work:

36. Thinking about doing it all again next year like:

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