36 Gifs Only Punters Who Went To UNIFY Gathering 2019 Will Understand

1. Waiting in the car line to get through the gate like:

2. Your least outdoorsy friend trying to help set up the tent:

3. Thursday campers waking up on Friday morning like:

4. Then coming out of the pit that arvo like:

5. Noticing the free water machine had an option for ‘sparkling’ though:

6. Watching Dream State live for the first time like:

7. Then watching Crossfaith’s set like:

8. Before Ocean Grove had you like:

9. Every time you walked past the Kamikaze ride:

10. Every time you successfully smuggled a tinnie into the arena:

11. Watching In Heart’s Wake’s set like:

12. At first Underoath’s set was like:

13. But then it was like:

14. Trying to find your crew’s camp once you were a few bevvies deep:

15. Passing out in the kartents like:

16. Waking up on Saturday morning like:

17. And looking like this even though you swore you’d slipped, slopped and slapped:

18. Watching Pagan’s set like:

19. Pretty much every song Thornhill played:

20. How everyone watching the bands from the VIP Bar thought they looked:

21. How they actually looked:

22. Walking through camp and witnessing incredible scenes like this:

23. Realising the Vanessa bus had a free ball pit like:

24. Watching Every Time I Die on Saturday night like:

25. Ladies and gentlemen, Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazarra:

26. Trying to get it on in the Kartents like:

27. Listening to hundreds of people at the silent disco attempting to belt out the “Galileo Galileo” part of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in unison at 4am on Sunday like:

28. Dragging yourself up and trying to pack up your tent like:

29. Then trying to haul all your gear back to the car while this is happening:

30. John Floreani’s Little Brother acoustic set on Sunday:

31. Everyone who copped driving duties on the way home:

32. Your first time using a real bathroom again:

33. The state of your shower after your post-UNIFY rinse:

34. Everyone who called in sick for work on Monday:

35. All the heroes who actually went to work:

36. Thinking about doing it all again next year like:

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