6 BIGSOUND Acts Not To Be Missed In 2015

Do you like sounds? Do you like things that are larger than other things? Then, buddy, do I have the Brisbane-based musical conference for you! BIGSOUND (note the capitalised letters, which are bigger then other letters FYI) is back for another year of amazing live performances from the country’s next generation of artists as well as many a panel to furrow a brow at and go “Mmmmm” to.

Whilst the intellectual side of the event is always good for a solid yarn and a live-tweet-a-thon which achieves favs in the upwards of 6 or more, the real juicy element of BIGSOUND each year is easily the disgustingly large amount of gigs on each night. Too much live music, perhaps? Haha JK guys, to borrow from my good pal Lindsay Lohan:

With so much room for activities each night in Brissie’s Fortitude Valley we thought we’d help you out in navigating the swampy marsh air with this handy list of six BIGSOUND acts you’d be a real dumbhead to miss out on.

Rainbow Chan

UGH, Rainbow Chan you guys! Cannot stress how unique and immersive this uber-talented producer’s music is, with the Sydneysider creating the kind of electronica that feels both out-of-this-world and immediately agreeable. Having released a stellar EP a couple of years back, I’m super excited to see what she brings to BIGSOUND 2015.

Rainbow Chan plays The Outdoor Stage @ The Brightside, Wednesday 9.40pm.

Listen: Rainbow Chan – Haircut


Slum Sociable

Victorian duo Slum Sociable landed with a terminally chill thud on the local music scene earlier this year with the immediately entrancing Anyway which combined glitched-out jazz piano and silky smooth vocals making for a seriously impressive debut. Latest track All Night is equally as polished and builds on their smooth, electroey goodness.

Slum Sociable play The Winn, Wednesday 10.30pm.

Listen: Slum Sociable – All Night

Le Pie

Hailing from the musically hallowed streets of Sydney’s Newtown, solo babe about town Le Pie’s debut EP And He Said Honey, You Look So Fine has been on high rotatsh in the Music Feeds office of late and her intoxicating brand of soft-grunge is a fucking sight to behold live on stage. With her Thelma & Louise-esque airs and divinely ethereal intonation, Le Pie will soothe and delight in equal measure.

Le Pie plays The Press Club, Wednesday 11.20pm.

Listen: Le Pie – Josephine

The Ocean Party

These dudes honestly seem to never not be releasing new music and touring, which worries me, mostly because their drummer Zac is crazy hot and I constantly fret about his wellbeing. Their latest release Light Weight is more effortless, sunny guitar-pop and lemme tell you, is bloody gratifying to get your sway on to. Pretty good eye candy as well, ya feel me?

The Ocean Party play The Foundry, Thursday 8.50pm.

Listen: The Ocean Party – Guess Work

Sui Zhen

Melbourne based producer Sui Zhen dabbles in quirky synth-pop which combines seemingly discordant genres and sounds into utterly captivating soundscapes which practically exude kaleidoscopic arrays of colour from your speaker. Her recent LP Suddenly Susan throws unexpected warbling layers of synth at intricate percussive beats and will be an absolute bliss out to see recreated live on stage.

Sui Zhen plays The Mane Stage @ Woolly Mammoth, Thursday 10pm.

Watch: Sui Zhen – Infinity Street

Hockey Dad

What better way to see off your BIGSOUND gig experience with some crunchy, rollicking surf-rock courtesy of Wollongong lads Hockey Dad. The happiest dudes in Australian music never disappoint live and have that incessant on-stage energy thing kids their age have before they realise the world is teeming with horrors that only exist to suck the very happiness out of you. Anyway, it’s some real good shit, alright?

Hockey Day play The Alehouse @ Woolly Mammoth, Thursday 11.20pm.

Listen: Hockey Dad – Girl With Two Hearts



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