8 Artists We Can’t Wait To Lose Our Shit To at Lost Paradise

New Years Eve is fast approaching, and with it the return of one of last year’s best new festivals Lost Paradise.

Held over three nights from December 29th – 31st and with amazing line up of music nestled in the lush surrounds of the Glenworth Valley, this year’s festival looks set to live up to the great reports from last year, with a mass skinny dip already announced and organised on top activities like kayaking, abseiling, quad biking, laser tag, feasting and horse riding, we here at Music Feeds will be in attendance and we can’t wait to get up there (wait till you see how good I look on a fucking horse).

With the third release of tickets still on sale, in the interest of sharing the excitement we though we would put together a little list of 8 Artists We Can’t Wait To Lose Our Shit To at Lost Paradise

Four Tet

Four Tet – Platic People


Four Tet might have the strangest music progression of any artist on this list. Managing to seamlessly segue from first getting the attention of the music world by remixing the opening track off Aphex Twin‘s Selected Ambient Works Volume II, to recently remixing Eric Prydz latest single, the man known to his family as Kieren Hebden has run the full spectrum of electronic music across his illustrious career. Having seen him play live and DJ numerous times, but usually early in the arvo or one side stage somewhere, his high billing at Lost Paradise suggests he’ll be playing late on a main-stage which you would expect means he will be unleashing his most dance heavy and relentless tracks, which has me at Big Kev levels of excitement.

Jamie XX

Jamie XX – Loud Places (ft Romy)

Can I just say thank god that Jamie XX left his morose band behind to pursue work as a solo producer. I know The XX was everyone’s favourite band four about five minutes back in 2009, and not to discount the work oh his band mates but it was clear from the start that Jamie, and his productions were the stars. Going on to re-work Gil Scott Heron‘s final album I’m New Here, not to mention churning out countless amazing remixes of everyone from Florence & The Machine to Radiohead, Jamie is very much the Justin Timberlake of the group, and I”m not just talking about the boyish good looks. Known for genre hopping DJ sets, I am quivering in my jocks at the prospect of getting to see Jamie up in the flesh.

T’kay Maidza

T’kay Maidza – Switch Lanes

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear an Australian hip hop artist not rap in an Aussie accent. Not to write off all the rappers out there doing big things with their antipodean spiced vocal chords mind you, but for me T’kay Maidza is the only way to go with homegrown hip hop. Always a highlight of any festival, and she’s playing a lot of them this year, I can’t wait to pull some of my best/worst diva moves as she takes the stage, while I sing along slightly out of tune, but with great enthusiasm (yeah that’s right, I’m that guy).

World Champion

World Champion – Shakes

Rightfully stoked following the release of their Avacado Galaxy EP on Future Classic earlier this year, World Champion work their two piece magic like the psychedelic shamans they are. Co-produced by the band and Jagwar Ma‘s Jono Ma, the title track and the above B-side Shakes along with some choice remixes, including what is essentially a new song from Tornado Wallace, I urge you grab this EP as it’s one of the freshest releases to come out of Australia this year, with a tight live show to match. Even though I’ve already seen these guys a couple of times so far this year, I am tickled pink as a raw chicken knowing I’ll be seeing them again in a month’s time.


Seekae – Another

Keeping it in the Future Classic family here, we’ve got Sydney own Seekae. Treating us to a rare live show at Lost Paradise this year, the trio of Alex Cameron, George Nicholas and John Hassell have long been Music Feeds favourites, with the memory of their fire alarm triggering +DOME album launch at Manning Bar back in 2011 still very fresh in this reporter’s mind. Experts at translating studio magic into a live format, incorporating live drums and guitar the the chance to see them perform ensconced in the lush surrounds on the Glenworth Valley has me chuffed as bloody mug I tell ya.

Touch Sensitive

Touch Sensitive – Arnold’s Theme

My mustachioed man crush, Touch Sensitive amazing sense of style is equalled only by his slap bass prowess. Combining 80s steez with a hint of funk sleaze, the man known to his loved one as Michael Di Francesco is a one man cavalcade of musicianship. At ease switching between instruments mid song, going from synth to bass and tearing it up on both like he was born to it, he is a spectacle to behold, and my organs are struggling painfully with the excitement I’m feeling at seeing him play… please send some funky help.

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins – Collider

Brian Eno protege/collaborator and darling of the electronica scene, Jon Hopkins is one of those rare electronic artists who you could say truly plays his devices. Know for the odd spot of kaos pad dual wielding, as well as a background in classical composition and a skilled pianist, his is a musicianship of the 21 century and something to behold. I mean he has me writing like it’s a fucking fantasty novel or something, so as you can see I am overcome with blissful ire at his impending recital.

George Maple

George Maple- Where You End


Don’t let the name fool you, George Maple is all woman, her music having that most uncommon and sought after qualities… The Beyonce factor. Maple’s music is epic, just massive pop, and to be quite honest it makes me proud to be Australian it just so good. Another member of the Future Classic family alongside about half of this list (seriously great work guys, killing it with signing great talent), her live show is amazing and full of all the energy of the recordings and more,and along with T’kay Maidza will be causing me to embarrass myself and annoy others with my enthusiastic and excited dancing and singing-a-long.

Lost Paradise 2015

Tickets on sale now

Tuesday, 29th December — Thursday, 31st December 2015

Glenworth Valley, NSW

Tickets: Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise 2015 Lineup

Hot Dub Time Machine

Daniel Avery

Hayden James

Sampa The Great

World Champion


Angus & Julia Stone

Jon Hopkins Live

The Jungle Giants

Tkay Maidza

George Maple



Northeast Party House

Crazy P

Touch Sensitive

City Calm Down

The Babe Rainbow

Lime Cordiale

Little Bastard

Steve Smyth

The Lulu Raes

I Know Leopard

Hockey Dad

Bootleg Rascal

Sons Of The East


Big White

Ocean Alley

The Sea Gypsies

Polish Club

Burn Antares

Deep South & Down

Tropical Zombie

+ more to be announced

DJ sets

Jamie xx

Four Tet

Motor City Drum Ensemble





Anna Lunoe

Young Franco


Will Saul

Bjorn Wilke



Color Castle

Phil Smart

Kate Elsworth

Mikail & Emel Rowe

Francis Xavier

Mo Funk

Motorik Vibe Council

Robbie Lowe




Sam Roberts

Foreigndub DJs

Mantra Collective


Valerie Yum

Tristan Case

Mark Craven


Danny La Ru

+ more to be announced

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