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9 Classic Foo Fighters Video Moments You Can’t Unsee

Written by Emmy Mack on February 23, 2015

4. Walk – Dave Grohl Gets Teed Off

Inspired by the 1993 Michael Douglas film Falling Down, the video for Walk features Dave Grohl portraying a working stiff who snaps over the stresses of everyday life. From Coldplay stickers to less-than-accurately advertised cheeseburgers, everything in Grohl’s day is conspiring to piss him off.

But his anger management fail reaches new heights when the frontman hijacks a golf buggy and mows down preppy douchebag bandmate Chris Shiflett, before bailing out as the cart plunges into the drink. Watch the video here.

3. Breakout – A Corny Surprise

The 1999 Foo Fighters hit Breakout was featured on the soundtrack for the Jim Carrey comedy, Me, Myself and Irene, and the video clip goes toe-to-toe with the movie for LOLs per minute. An honourable mention must go to one moment in the opening sequence that sees Grohl get mounted by a shaggy dog as he arrives to take actress Traylor Howard out on a date, and humped so vigorously that he topples over the patio railing and into a lawn hedge.

The clip’s flagship moment comes when Grohl’s character is intercepted by Howard’s Me, Myself & Irene co-star Tony Cox. While Grohl steps away from his date, Cox puts the moves on her in a big way. He gives her an unexpectedly super-sized surprise inside a bucket of popcorn, leading to much enthusiastic face licking and an epic Dave Grohl rage tanty. Watch the video here.

2. Low – Bringing Sexy Black

The controversial video clip for the 2003 Foos’ tune Low is at least messed up enough to get it banned from MTV. The low (hyuk!) budget clip sees Grohl team up once again with bosom chum Jack Black to play a pair of backwoods, mullet-sporting trucker rednecks who get loaded on booze inside a sleazy motel room, and document their juiced-up antics with a camcorder.

It’s all pretty standard drunken behaviour: arm wrestling, jumping on beds, vomiting and defecating. But the moment seared into our retinas for all eternity occurs when the pair stretches the bonds of brohood to the limit. Two of the hairiest men in rock wearing next to naught spanking each other vigorously on a bed in full night vision? That shit will haunt your dreams. Eat your heart out, Paris Hilton. Watch the video here.

1. Long Road To Ruin – Dat ‘Stache

‘Nuff said. Watch the video here.


Foo Fighters’ Australian tour kicks off tomorrow in Brisbane. Here’s proof that it’s going to rock at an AC/DC level.

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