9 Potential Replacements For Blur’s Big Day Out Spot

UPDATE: Blur replacements have finally been announced – full details here!

So Blur have pulled out of Big Day Out 2014. Waddya gonna do, cry about it? No, you’re gonna roll up your sleeves and get to work. BDO organisers apparently have “a list of targets” in their sights to replace Damon Albarn‘s crew, so now all they’ve gotta do is lock one of them in. Right?

Weeeeeell, not really. We’re only 8 weeks out from showtime, and finding an appropriate replacement for one of the biggest bands in the world in a lineup that features a lot of other big names ain’t so easy.

UPDATE: Blur replacement to be announced this Friday — full details here!

Even if you’re spending “whatever is necessary to get [a] worthy replacement”, clashing tour dates and events like the Grammys are gonna throw a spanner in your plans, and with candidates like Kanye, Kendrick, Neil Young and Jay-Z already ruled out, options are slim.

We’re no experts, but we’ve got a few suggestions of our own for the team at BDO (you’re taking requests, right, guys?). Some are good, some not so good – but at this point, we think you could probably do worse. The best part? They’re all available!

Whichever replacement organisers end up choosing, and even if they don’t choose one at all, the powers that be are in for one hell of a long night. Chin up, Big Day Out, we still love you.

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