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Ripping up the stage this week, 2 heavy metal rocker groups, Burn the Dire Moments and Altar of Scion, took out the title of A Red Letter Day (Event Management) and Music Feeds’ Feature Artists!

Burn the Dire Moments

Over the years Burn the Dire Moments have had newcomers and out-goers filtering through the band.

Originally a line-up of only two people, Brad (aka ‘B-rad’) and John joined musical forces and forged the beginnings of Burn the Dire Moments. Now, as a full 5-piece band, these guys have been trekking the scene for 2 and a half years, with no sign of calling it quits any time soon!

Playing-off against ripe competition in the Macarthur Clash band comp presented by A Red Letter Day at Ingleburn RSL, Burn the Dire Moments really proved their musical chutzpah when they pulled the crowd of the week.

From here, this band wants to keep smashing out the hits, and keep rolling forward with their tight and together brand of metal/rock music. “Our main goal is like every other band’s goal, we’d love to get our name out there and really build our fan base. We’d love to get heaps of fans going across other countries,” says drummer B-rad.

Whilst the band’s music is definitely influenced by bands such as I Killed The Prom Queen, Story Of The Year and Parkway Drive, the band are able to inject their own flavour into the mix, making their music a well constructed and an overall enjoyable listen.

These guys aren’t in it for the fantastic prizes that the A Red Letter Day band comps have to offer, they just want the experience – and what an experience it is proving to be! Burn the Dire Moments are through to the Semi Finals of the Macarthur Clash comp, and say, “actually…now that we’ve come this far we are trying our hardest to get the winning prize! But the experience is good too!”

“We’re going to be all over the band comp scene! The people that pull the competition off are awesome and the crowd responses are really good, no matter what your genre is”, says B-rad.

Altar of Scion

No stranger to the band comp scene, Altar of Scion has smashed through the Sutherland Smash band comp presented by A Red Letter Day at Club Menai.

Starting off, as a band comprised of schoolmates, members have come and gone over the band’s time. The current outfit has only been hitting the gigging scene for the past 2 months!

With the motto Carpé Diem, Altar of Scion are enjoying living each moment while they’re playing their music – they aspire to be a band that will continue to experience life through their music and love playing it live.

A definite heavy metal/punk/rock band, Altar of Scion describes their sound as “a mix of humble melodies contrasted with harsh vocals.” This band is truly unique; the “Zen-ness” of their melodies is what makes their music stand out from the regular rhythms and vocals of a heavy metal band. Altar of Scion is the Garden of Eden meets Slipknot.

Hitting up the band comp scene, these guys are loving the awesome range of prizes and the opportunity to gain some experience and exposure. “The comps are good experience,” guitarist Cam explains. “A wise man once told us it took him 2 years of consistent gigging to become comfortable on stage, we’re just trying to speed that up!”

Naturally charismatic on stage, these lads can definitely get the crowds revved! The live experience is what this band is made for, and it shows when they’re interacting with the audience. “We love the live gigs! The crowd response varies at every gig but if you show a little stage presence and try and get the crowd involved they respond in kind”, they said.

As a young band, they acknowledge there’s room for improvement, which is totally refreshing!

Cam, notably the band’s funny-bone, says, “Another wise man once told us: ‘If you believe you’ve learnt everything on your instrument you’re a complete idiot.’ Everyone can always improve musically and we are no different”.

Keep an eye out for these guys, they’re keen and they’ll stay on the rise.

By Roopa Ramakrishna

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