Bang Bang Boss Kelly – More Than Just Power Chords

Bang Bang Boss Kelly are just “4 dudes playing honest music”. A background in punk and hardcore, they’ve ditched the amps for more natural acoustic instruments and are working on tailoring their alt folk/country sound. Working on their next release, the boys are taking some time to head down to play MUM @ World Bar on April 8th to give us the Bang Bang experience. Alex from the band took some time to give us the low down on the group and their brand new single Damien Barber.

Music Feeds: Tell us a bit about Bang Bang Boss Kelly?

BBBK: Bang Bang started over a year ago, we are still finding our sound experimenting with different arrangements of our songs working towards an EP or album later this year. We are just 4 dudes playing honest music trying to get it heard.

MF: Who are your influences and inspirations?

BBBK: We are all influenced from different origins, not all music but experience in life. We are all from different backgrounds and different ages so it’s really a collaboration of all these minds that somehow mold together and come together on stage to produce what is Bang Bang. Our lives are now changing once again and we are learning new things so this will result in a new sound, perhaps something different than what’s happening now. We will have to wait and see what the punters think because at the end of the day it’s the masses that decide whether we are good or not and who we sound like.

MF: What’s the story behind the band name?

BBBK: The name came from two nick names ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Boss Kelly’ when the band was just a duo. Taking out the ‘and’ it turned into Bang Bang Boss Kelly. But it works.

MF: What’s the new single Damien Barber all about?

BBBK: Damien Barber is essentially a revenge song, revenge on what is up to the listener but literally it is about a father or a father figure. The journey of a fight is long and a learning process, Who the killer is really up to you. To me it relates to a couple of things that put pressure on our older generation like alcohol and society or government bodies taking down the little guy, and when things get hard people tend to turn to alcohol or violence, but these invisible men that force this on us are always different.

MF: How do you go from hardcore punk bands to a folk/country band?

BBBK: Well when we were 16 it’s fun to play this heavy music. Not to say we are getting old, but becoming much for lyrics and melody based music, the intensity now I think is a little more clever with the melodies and riffs. There is no more power chords really. But we will never say never to bringing some great punk rock inspired tunes into the band repertoire.

MF: What can readers expect from your live set at MUM on the 8th?

I’ve heard that MUM really goes off so we just wanna go in with everything we have leaving blood and sweat on the stage. We are really fueled by the crowd and the volume so the louder they are the louder we are.

MF: First track you’d put onto a mixtape?

BBBK:Welcome to Jamrock – Damien ‘junior gong’ Marley

Bang Bang Boss Kelly play MUM @ World Bar with Ed Worland and I Am The Agenton April 8.


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