Dazzle Me This #15 – Traps and Trapped

You can find this Sydney four-piece indie rock group on MySpace by typing killthetraps after the .com/, but I don’t think that’s what you’ll be wanting to do. Traps new single ‘Memento’ has been cosily spinning on my CD player for the past week, and I’m hoping these guys are going to stick around on our airwaves for quite some time.

I’ve been familiar with Traps for a while now – their self-titled demo and subsequent four tracker Common Errors found their niche on community radio, but this new single is punchy, gritty and the perfect track to propel them above the wash of indie guitar bands that are currently flooding the scene.

This flood isn’t even a bad thing in my opinion, but it’s nice to have those shiny glints of difference that really make a new band stand out from the rest of the pack.

On ‘Memento’, the glints are coming from all directions. Kieran Day’s vocals are like a velvet ribbon, slow and deep and somehow perfectly wrapping around the initially jangly, and later swelling guitar chords, that are in turn perfectly balanced by close your eyes, nod your head and tap your toes on the sticky floor percussion.

At least, that’s what I imagine I would do in a live situation – something I’ve yet to achieve, and not for lack of trying mind you. I’ve been thwarted on several attempts to catch these guys live in action, including actually being front row at the venue (OK, it was Spectrum, how front row are you really going to get?), and having to dash out crisis style as the support band plucked their final notes.

But not for much longer, Traps are playing a bunch of gigs in December, including Kit & Kaboodle on the 3rd, and some other regional gigs on the 10th and 11th. Check out their MySpace for all the action, and whatever you do, please don’t kill the traps.

Speaking of traps, the mini-mix this week is sticking closely with the original review theme, as I happen to have been spinning a number of tunes, both new and old, by bands that also like to trap us with their names and songs. Until next week kids, try and keep away from those trapdoors, if you can x

The Temper Trap – Fader

From the album Conditions, which is my pick for Australian album of the year in ’09, The Temper Trap have just released a brand new video for their killer track ‘Fader’. I dare you to only be able to play it once.

[youtube L18tjO2GYnU]

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

This clip is gorgeous and nostalgic, and I’m such a fan of animations. Especially when they’re a sepia dance of furry critters, dancing butterflies and Polaroids. And don’t even get me started on the banjo.

[youtube CmBgxP56R1I]

Mogwai – Emergency Trap

Not that I really want to be going to sleep dreaming of being trapped or anything weird and Freudian like that, but I find this song super soothing and comforting when I’m trying in vain to get to sleep. Like when it’s still 30 degrees at midnight for example.

[youtube QfYOWadCKSo]

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