Five Tracks That Inspired RONA.’s Debut EP ‘Closure’

Last week, Kaytetye producer and DJ RONA. released her debut EP, Closure, a three-track introduction to the artist’s meditative dance music. RONA. foregrounds the EP’s euphoric melodies with spacious, world-creating atmospherics. The record was produced between Naarm (Melbourne) and Mparntwe in the Central Desert, and it bridges the soundscapes of Country with shimmering synths and future-facing production.

“Throughout the past few years, I have been constantly pushing to create more and do more,” said RONA. ‘This EP was written in a moment where I was beginning to recognise that stillness and connection is more important. It articulates these moments through a melodic and euphoric journey of place and memory.”

Five Tracks That Inspired RONA.’s Closure

Waak Waak Djungi – ‘Djambaku’

This song has been a deep inspiration for my work. Combining a Traditional song owned by the Malibhir clan with production from the 90s. It’s a blend of worlds that connects you to place.

K Hand – ‘Remember When’

K Hand was a prolific driving force force from Detroit. As a female DJ and producer I’ve always deeply admired her work and connected with the way she creates movement and strength in her tracks. This track in particular brings so much energy through the percussion and synthesis.

Fort Romeau – ‘Heaven and Earth’

‘Heaven and Earth’ is a track that deeply connects to the way I want to create driving percussion and clarity in my tracks. This track takes you on a journey through different moments. The vocal monologue that Fort Romeau often brings into his work and the treatment of vocals is something that I’ve drawn from in my production.

Itch-E and Scratch-E – ‘Awaken’

This track makes me feel so many things. I love music that embodies deep emotion and movement. I keep coming back to their work and am constantly drawing inspiration from the way they arrange and produce songs that tell a story and make you feel deeply connected to that story.

Ross from Friends – ‘Romeo Romeo’

The way this track brings together melodic moments, organic instrumentation and textures is amazing. It’s got a lot of character and the world it takes you into is so unique. Listening to this track made me see how it was possible to create a world inside your music, through textures and soundscapes.

RONA.’s Closure EP is out now.

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