For Fans Of: Remi | Introducing Melbourne Artist Nate Vibrations

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Check out today’s ‘For Fans Of’ feature artist below.

Feature Artist: Nate Vibrations

For Fans Of: Kanye West, Illy, Remi

Hometown: Melbourne

Genre: Hip-hop / R&B

The 411:

Having steadily grinded away for the past few years, Melbournian rapper/producer Nate Vibrations has mastered the art of writing summery slices of hip-hop/trap pop crossover goodness.

With his new track Hop Out, Nate collaborates with fellow artist SANIwith the song the fruits of a writing trip outside of the big smoke, with the pair producing over 25 beats to come up with the track.

Sometimes I have a hook before I even touch a beat and I spend hours and hours working with my producer to create the music I hear in my head,” reveals Nate.

“Other times we just play around and it all happens naturally. This song in particular was an interesting one. We went to some Airbnb for a week and just made, like, 25+ beats.” 

The Review:

If you’re planning to spend your summer by the pool or beach with friends, beers in hand, then Hop Out is an essential addition to your playlist. Well produced, meticulously written, and easy to remember, it ticks all the boxes and slots perfectly alongside similar cuts from the best in the game. By all accounts, Nate is a believer in putting in the work, so we can’t wait to see where he goes from here.


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