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FOURA: The Songs and Artists That Inspired Her ‘Taste’ Mixtape

Taste is the debut mixtape from Melbourne/Naarm-based DJ, producer and songwriter FOURA. The ten-song collection was compiled over two and a half years, as Melbourne went in and out of lockdown and FOURA steadily expanded her horizons and reached out to various collaborators.

The record centres on UK garage, breakbeat, bass and house music, but its tracks aren’t beholden to any particular style. Big Skeez, r.em.edy, NIK NAVY, Fresh Hex and Jordan Astra all supply guest vocals, while producers Swick and Tentendo assist on a couple of tracks.

FOURA & r.em.edy – ‘Taste’

Taste is out now via NLV Records. In conjunction with its release, FOURA has selected half a dozen songs that inspired its creation. The playlist includes Massive Attack’s trip hop classic ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ and James Blake’s version of Feist’s ‘Limit to Your Love’. There are also cuts from PinkPantheress and Sammy Virji and contemporary dance floor staples courtesy of Jorja Smith and Bicep.

Listen to the playlist below and read on to learn more about FOURA’s creative process and the sounds and experiences that motivated Taste.

Songs that inspired FOURA’s Taste

FOURA: I really love PinkPantheressto hell with it album, with her unorthodox format of dance/rave-inspired snippet-like tracks. It breaks the DJ mould in my head that says, “Everything I make needs to be playable in a club” – even though you can totally play PinkPantheress in a club, but it’s so lovely to be emoshi at home with too – and reminds me to be out of the box with my production and follow what I want to make, in whatever genre and format that might be.

TSHA is another artist that really inspires me from a mentality/approach to music point of view. I love how open she is during interviews about her creative flow being so heavily connected to her emotions. I feel the same way, and reading about her processes inspires me to be more open about my creative flow and practice it more genuinely.

My favourite part of the writing process is the flow state – not thinking about the end result, just allowing my emotions to flow out in the way they want to and seeing where that ends up, rather than going into the session with a preconceived idea. The more music I make, the more I go in that direction.

FOURA – ‘Glimmer’

FOURA: I started writing Taste two years ago. So, it’s been split between COVID lockdowns and isolation here in Naarm for the first year and a more “normal” life this past year. It’s almost grabbed the energy of both years with so many different genres and themes all blended together.

Something that has been incredibly special during this journey has been playing my demos and masters in venues during DJ sets at a time when venues were re-opening post-lockdown. I’ve felt really grateful for those moments in a way that I don’t think I would have otherwise.

I’ve learnt so much in the process of working with all of the collaborators on this mixtape, both from a songwriting point of view and also as an artist in general. Big Skeez, r.em.edy, NIK NAVY, Tentendo, Swick, Fresh Hex and Jordan Astra – the project wouldn’t be what it is without their energy, talent and joy on there.

Everyone brought something so different to the project. I feel honoured to have them featured after being a long-time fan of their work. Collaborating was more challenging during COVID lockdowns, but we made it work and we had so much fun in the process.

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