Heavy Music Fans: Here’s 11 Reasons To Love This Year’s Yours & Owls Festival Lineup

Not gonna lie, it’s a pretty dodgy time to be a heavy music fan in NSW right about now. Since Soundwave got consigned to the great mosh pit in the sky, our major festival scene has been drier than the crust in an Egyptian mummy’s underwear.

And unless you had the dedication to slog it down to Victoria earlier this year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that 2018 was going to be another twelve-month suckfest with sweet FA in the way of reasons for fans of punk, rock, hardcore and metal to gather together en masse and raid the pit.

But what if I told you that one major NSW festival has just pulled a f*cking gamechanger? ICYMI: Wollongong’s Yours & Owls fest has dropped a lineup that heavy fans should totally be able to get behind.

Sadly, it’s so bloody good that the fest has already sold-the-fark-out! (There’s still some Sunday day passes and VIP passes available but that’s seriously it). But still, here’s 11 reasons to love it, and start getting excited about where it could progress to next year…

1. Polaris

Shit. Yes. Polaris. Armed with their monster new album The Mortal Coil, these Sydney metalcore shooting stars will be hitting the ‘Gong stage off the back of two — count ’em two — sold-out Aussie headlining tours. This is already going to be off its meds.

2. Hellions

Y&O is currently the only place you can catch Hellions live down under for the immediate future, with the Sydney rap-rock maniacs set to return triumphant after cutting a swathe through the UK off the back of their two large new singles ‘Furrow’ and ‘X (Mwa)’.

3. Ocean Alley

These Northern Beaches guitar-slingers are absolutely blowing up RN. Not only have their psychedelic rock grooves amassed millions of streams across all your fave platforms, they completely sold-out their Aussie headlining tour in April off the back of their monumental new album Chiaroscuro. Vibes for days.

4. Dear Seattle

One part mosh pit and one part love letter, Northern Beaches boys Dear Seattle are the self-described “melodic, sing along, beer-in-the-air, headbanging-with-heart punk rock band you’ve been waiting for”.

5. Luca Brasi

Straight outta Tassie, these national Oz-punk treasures are set to tear up the Y&O stage with some of the latest bangers off their widely-frothed fourth album, Stay. Probs while wearing the clothes they slept in.

6. Tropical Fuck Storm

The name says it all. Prepare for an onslaught of art-punk fuckery from this supergroup featuring members of allstar Aussie acts The DronesHigh Tension and Palm Springs.

7. Tumbleweed

These Wollongong stoner rock veterans really need no introduction. Punching out riffs for going on 30 years, “super-Galactaphonic stoner Fuzz pharmacists” Tumbleweed are guaranteed to bring the same heat to the ‘Gong that they brought when supporting the legendary Nirvana on tour throughout Aus all the way back in 1992.

8. Stonefield

If Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin had a four-headed female musical baby with perfect hair, that baby would be Stonefield. These girls are old school metal AF.

9. Pist Idiots

Nup, we’re not talking about all the other punters in attendance. These self-proclaimed “suburban drunk” rockers are guaranteed to get the party started with their must-see, entertaining AF live show and booze-soaked riffage.

10. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

If their name wasn’t impressive enough, then try some of this Perth act’s psychedelic punk rock fusion on for size:

11. And they’re not done yet!

There’s still even more acts TBA so who knows what other delightfully distorted surprises lie in store in the ‘Gong this September 29th and 30th.

You can check out the full 2018 lineup — in all of its eclectic and headbanger-friendly glory — right here.

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