Ill Nino – Its a Dead New World

Ill Nino have just released a new album Dead New World and they’ll be on Soundwave 2011 tour plus playing sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne with Devildriver.

Laz Pina from Ill Nino had time for a quick Q&A before the boys hit Australia ahead of the Soundwave tour.

Music Feeds:Tell us about the new album “Dead New World”?

Laz Pina:The sounds of DNW was about bringing it back to the early raw days of Ill Nino, but in 2011, only now it’s heavier and more progressive.

MF:Talk us through the song writing process in the band?

LP:First and foremost we all need to get on the same page before any ideas are presented and that’s a task in itself. The writing process is often painfully honest.

MF: How did the Smashing Pumpkins cover ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ come about?

The Pumpkins are our percussionist, Danny’s favorite band. DNW is a collection of views of the struggles thru the eyes of an immigrant in a world. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” express a fitting feeling.

MF: Who would you like to hear do a cover of one of your songs and which song?

I would love to hear Santana cover our song “2012” off the 4th Nino long player, Enigma. I can only imagine how much cooler he would make that song.

MF: You’re coming out for Soundwave in 2011, any acts on the bill you’re most excited about seeing?

So many of my past and present favorite bands are playing, I’m just friggin’ excited to be returning to Australia and being a part the SoundWave festival.

MF: What can fans expect from you’re set at Soundwave?

Our Australian fans will be expecting us to bring it hardcore, when we enter any stage our sole purpose is to rock house and fuck shit up! It’s gonna be an exchange of brutal energy. It’s gonna get so ugly it’ll be beautiful!!

MF: What are most looking forward to on this tour of Australia?

Obviously, we’re happy to be a part of the festival but more importantly we’re super excited to back to our Aussie fans.

MF: What’s been the highlight for 2010?

Highlight of 2010 was signing with Victory Records and having the complete control of writing, recording, and finally producing our own album.

MF: What are Ill Nino’s plans for 2011?

Plans for 2011 is to tour & play to our fans all over the world.

MF: What would be the first song you’d put onto a mix tape?

This Is War

Catch Ill Nino around the performing around teh country at the Soundwave festival kicking off in March 2011. Tickets from here

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