Jack Gray Takes Us Through Each Track On His New, Debut EP ‘Nights Like This’

Sunny Coast turned Los Angeles alt-pop fave, Jack Gray has today released his debut EP, Nights Like This.

The five track release features plenty of dreamy vocals and tackles topics with reflective lyrical prowess. Written and recorded over two years, the EP, which is out via Warner Music, shows Gray’s growth as an artist and producer.

Today Jack Gray has given Music Feeds an exclusive look in the making of each of the five tracks.


I had just moved to Sydney by myself and I was missing my family and friends back home and kept singing the line “now I’ve got no friends, how did this happen again” over and over again. I then remembered a relationship I was in years ago where my friends didn’t like the girl and vice versa. Once I stumbled across that guitar riff, the song basically wrote itself.


This record has been building inside of me since I was about 15 years-old. When I was in high school there was an economic downturn in the community I lived. Around this time, suicide particularly around the younger generation was at an all-time high. One day, I was standing in a café in town where I overheard a conversation with a family member of one of the victims, and the word “selfish” was used. I thought to myself, this person has no idea what her loved one must have been feeling. It made an impression on me that I will never forget. When I set out to write the song, there were and frankly, still are, so many emotions that I remain conflicted over. The song is an expression of those emotional journeys I saw around me as the community set out to heal.

Take Our Time

‘Take Our Time’ hits close to home for me. It’s about being away from the ones you love for long periods of time and it’s something that, lately, I can relate to. I moved to LA a couple of months ago so I’ve certainly noticed the strain it has on my relationships back home.


This track came together very organically and quickly. I mean, one of my best mates and I were in my room messing around with some guitar riffs and lyrics and we ended up finishing the top line in about 45 minutes. I spent the rest of the day tracking stuff in and doing all the finishing touches which is my favourite part…

Drunk Talk

‘Drunk Talk’ consumed a few weeks of my life. I wrote the song with a good friend/mentor of mine Robert Conley in his caravan studio. I took the song home with me and recorded like 10 versions of it and eventually found a vibe we were happy with! It’s about being in a relationship, having a little too much to drink and saying thinks you don’t mean.

Nights Like This is out now.

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