Josh Gibs Music Dons His Six Thinking Hats

Describing Josh Gibbs Music is like recalling memory. It’s an ambient exploration of the coloured electricity within his brainmeat. There are many passages and layers in his delicately self composed and produced work.

Just shy of twenty years, this singer/songwriter and originating member of the Bird’s Robe Collective is somewhat fresh to the live gigging scene, but not to making music.

“So, I’ve been playing guitar for about 8 or 9 years. I was raised around constantly playing music; classic 60’s pop, jazz, soul, lots of prog.”

Stating influences as diverse as Bjork to Wes Anderson, Josh is of an honest nature and a quirky sort with a sharp sense of humour, yet a line of work that is sensitive, personal and evolving.

At this stage, Josh is in transition mode. Working under the banner Six Thinking Hats, he describes that project as “more cohesive and approachable” in comparison to his more experimental work on his latest offerings, Hardened Sparks EP and The Sun and Sinking Well.

There are quite clearly differences between Six Thinking Hats and Josh Gibbs Music, yet between the two, the contrast is more of an evolution of a maturing artist who seems to be honing into a style of his own.

“I remember, I’d been playing for two years and was getting a little sick of trying to learn solos from famous pieces of music, I never could do it well, then a jazz guitarist friend of the family taught me the ninth chord. It’s probably now the chord I use the most, and it effectively inspired me to keep playing and discovering new shapes.”

That is an apt way to describe how any musician discovers and comes into their own state of being. It is also an acute representation of work to come.

As many solo artists do, Josh collaborates with members of local prog outfits like super FLORENCE jam and eight bit wonder Tom Gilmore from Ten Thousand Free Men And Their Families (who he will be performing with at the Excelsior on September 27th as part of the Bird’s Robe Collective Showcase Night). We welcome Josh to our Collective and support him in all his colourful works!

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