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Having made more trips around the globe than the last time Superman snapped a franger, Kenny Ken’s skills as a DJ are known far and wide. With the whole world on offer, Kenny’s making a special trip down-under to play DNBBQ this Saturday Aug 8th, and seeing as though he’ll probably soon be off to some other far flung corner of partydom I took the opportunity to catch up with the legendary man of the decks to discuss the finer points of Jungle as well as what to expect from his fast approaching set at DNBBQ.

Music Feeds: What first got you interested in playing Jungle?

Kenny Ken: I started playing jungle because of the reggae influence and the hip-hop beats. I lost my way a bit cos the music was changing into something that I wasn’t really feeling but yeah jungle kept me going.

MF: I’ve read you’re into a lot of the more futuristic side of Jungle. Does this mean we shouldn’t expect any reggae-influenced tracks in your set at DNBBQ on Aug 8th?

KK: Jungle isn’t just about ragga, it’s the sound that sets it apart from your regular D&B; simple beats with a heavy bassline. There’s good jungle being made today that sounds a bit futuristic but still got the jungle vibe and that’s what I’ve been playing for a while now.

MF: So you’ll be playing a lot of that? Like a broad spectrum?

KK: I’ll be playing what I feel the Sydney crowd want me to play. I’ve checked out the Facebook page for the event so I’ll be bringing some oldskool too!

MF: How do you feel the interest in Jungle from those outside the genre has affected it?

KK: The outside influence to Jungle is good cos it shows how other producers and ravers see jungle in other countries and I must say that some of the beats I’ve heard from other countries are really good.

MF: How do you stay on top of your game as a DJ?

KK: As a good DJ you have to really be on point, in other words you have to know what’s going on 24/7 and make sure that out of every ten sets you play nine are good.

MF: What do you see happening with Jungle in the future?

KK: I think Jungle is here to stay, as for me I’ll always be making the music and DJing for as long as I can cos I love it!!

MF: Coming form the UK what are your impressions of the scene and audience here in Australia compared to the UK?

KK: I love the Australian crowd and they’re just the same as in the UK, full of energy and up for it!

MF: What would you like to say to the people who’ve bought tickets to see you?

KK: To the people who have bought tickets too my show we are gonna have a wikkid party. All you people who love the ragga side of things won’t be disappointed and those who just love their beats, hold tight!

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