Kids In Glass Houses – Nothing else mattered

Already on our shores and destroying our ears. Kids In Glass Houses have come a long way from their beginnings. Smart Casual being their debut and now the UK boys have just unleashed Dirt. It took me a few listens to finally crank this one. A quick turn around and this album revolves from ‘dirt’ to fire.

Chatting to guitarist Iain Mahanty, it’s been a dream to get down to Aus ever since they were that little band. “Nothing else mattered, and to support You Me At Six, it’s wicked as well. They’re really cool guys and awesome to play with and yeah, can’t wait to party with Australia.” Touring before with You Me At Six has of course been a privilege and to play alongside the fellow UK rockers in Australia is another triumph.

KIGH are without doubt looking at the bigger picture, getting slots on Reading and Leads festival and touring internationally. It’s the taste of success and we all should be aware. Mahanty explains how things are on stage. “One of our latest tracks Matters At All is a track that we finish on”. Listen to this track and you’ll know why as the ending pop lyrics ‘good night’ are a satisfying ending to a live set. Their pop punk tunes are a continuous character. Australia is only witnessing the Cardiff rockers for the first time, and they’re surely going to leave us mind-blown. “We definitely want to make a statement, which is what we’re looking to do and we’re just so hungry to play our shows.” Says Mahanty. “Hopefully you guys will want us back as well, which will be nice.”

Make sure you catch KIGH while they’re on tour with You Me At Six and The Audition. I’m certain a live show will illustrate their true performance, as do most young pop punks set to bear out.

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