KLP Has Curated Her Top 10 Energy-Infused Tracks Into This Epic Pump-Up Playlist

Back in April, Aussie electronic powerhouses Stace Cadet and KLP dropped their collaborative bop ‘Energy’. The title says it all – it’s a club-ready banger oriented around its grooving bass line, hypnotic percussion and KLP’s vocals, guaranteed to make dance floors go off whenever that’s allowed again. The absolutely fire single came together in a pre-pandemic session at the BMG studios. After the structure was quickly laid out, the pair knew they were onto something pretty special.

To celebrate the collab, we’ve gotten KLP to curate a playlist of her Top 10 Energy Songs – an eclectic range of shit-hot tracks from local faves like Cassian and Chase Zera to the likes of Disclosure and Floorplan, all of which are guaranteed to pump you up.

Have a read – and check out the full playlist – below.

KLP’s Pump-Up Playlist

Sonny Fodera, Dom Dolla – Moving Blind

Two Aussie house lords coming together has to be a good thing. It’s got the classic Dom spoken vocal (a la ’Take It’) and then one hell of a buzzy lead line.

Cassian – Imagination {Ft. Tora}

He’s just put out his debut record and I think every track is just stunning. He has this way of fitting every sound into its own pocket and it just feels like chocolate on your ears.

Tinashe, Zhu & Miss Banks – Die A Little Bit (Remix)

Ahhh her voice! The way this track starts with pretty minimal production just gives it such a nice space to kick off what then becomes the most bouncy, sexy groove.

Cloonee – What Ya Want

It’s simple and effective and all I want to do is be able to get into a sweaty club to shake my body all over to this ASAP

Shaded (LA) – Mad Stacks

I mean, with a name like this I was so into the song even before I pressed play. It’s such a quirky vocal and the bassline is just killer.

John Summit – Deep End

This is a track that is about to blow up even more so than it has already. It’s a vocal that’s so slinky and floats on top of the rolling beat. Absolute classic in the making.

Robyn – Baby Forgive Me (Floorplan remix)

I’m sold on anything and everything Robyn does, but especially when someone remixes her originals because it makes it easier to play in a set. This is moody and dark AF and hits the spot.

Disclosure – Energy

I couldn’t not pick this song, it has the right title haha! But seriously, when I heard Disclosure had a new track, I was pretty intrigued because I’m a huge fan of their stuff. I pressed play and then walked around all morning with it on repeat with a little kick in my step. The way it’s all drums for a good portion of the song then suddenly it kicks in with synths and builds on – that is so clever.

Chase Zera – Bring Me Down

I had the pleasure of playing a show with Chase in Auckland just before lockdowns started kicking in and not only is she the most lovely, sweetest person, but she puts on a killer show. I can’t wait to hear more of her sound as she puts out more and more music.

Jaded – Dance Much

I really don’t know much about Jaded yet besides both of his recent releases on Aussie label Club Sweat are up there with my favs of the year. This vocal is lazy and so cool like it doesn’t give a fuck. It’s a huge vibe!

Stace Cadet & KLP’s new single ‘Energy’ is out now.

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