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Love Letter To A Record: Sophian On Coldplay’s ‘Parachutes’

Music Feeds’ Love Letter series asks artists to reflect on their relationship with the music they love and share stories about how it has influenced their lives. Herefrontman Sophian Manik of Boorloo/Perth-based indie-rock band Sophian reflect on their love for Coldplay’s 2000 debut LP, ‘Parachutes’.

Sophian  have just released their new single ‘Georgia’ – produced by Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane, Sly Withers), which they hope will “spread happiness” with every listen. “The song itself is about a sailor falling in love with a mermaid but finding it difficult to maintain the relationship given their differences,” the band explain in a press statement. “It’s also a metaphor for what relationships in real life sometimes can be like. Things can be tough, but you can always work on turning them into something positive. We love the ocean and the beach. So, it was only natural for us to explore a song which would incorporate the ocean and also campfire vibes of bringing people together.”

Sophian’s Sophian Manik’s Love Letter To Coldplay’s Parachutes

Sophian Manik: It’s actually a very interesting story now that I think about it. Coldplay was the first band I fell in love with and are the reason to why I wanted to become a musician myself. Every time I would listen to one of their songs, something would just click inside of me. I can’t really explain the feeling, but it was pretty damn good.

I would have only been about 8 or 9 years old when I would have overheard my older siblings listening to them. The song I heard mostly of course was ‘Yellow’ as it was their biggest single at the time. I loved ‘Yellow’, but it was songs like ‘Don’t Panic’ and ‘Sparks’ that really spoke to me. From Chris Martin’s vocals to their amazing guitar sounds – I loved it all.

Whenever I had a free minute, I would put on the album Parachutes and just drift away. Fast-forward to today, I realise how that album helped me get through a lot of things I was struggling with as a child and didn’t really know how to talk about. It got me through some tough times. The song ‘Sparks’ and ‘Don’t Panic’ in particular. They have to be two of my all-time favorite songs by them.

Growing up in the Maldives I always felt my dreams of being a big musician could never come true, so I didn’t really pursue it as a career. I played music every day, but just in my bedroom mostly. It was only much later, after I had moved to Australia, that my musical career had come to life. I will always remember this day as it was a changing point in my life for me. I had pursued so many other things in life, from wanting to be a marine scientist to a professional bodyboarder, but it was when I flew to Melbourne as a broke uni student to see Coldplay live, my life changed.

When I saw them live for the first time, it was as if my whole life to that point had flashed in front of me and when Coldplay played the song ‘Don’t Panic’ I knew I had to pursue music and make it my career. Years later, here I am now, with my own band working the hardest we can to make it somewhere with our music.

Chris, Johnny, Guy and Will: thank you for giving me the courage to pursue my own music career. I owe a lot to you.

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