Love Letter To A Record: Will Clift On D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’

Many of us can link a certain album to pivotal moments in our lives. Whether it’s the first record you bought with your own money, the chord you first learnt to play on guitar, the song that soundtracked your first kiss, the album that got you those awkward and painful pubescent years or the one that set off light bulbs in your brain and inspired you to take a big leap of faith into the unknown – music is often the catalyst for change in our lives and can even help shape who we become.

In this Love Letter To A Record series, Music Feeds asks artists to reflect on their relationship with music and share with us stories about the effect music has had on their lives.

Will Clift – D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ (2000)

If I had to choose a favourite record, the first one that comes to mind is definitely D’Angelo’s second album, Voodoo. It’s one of those albums you can listen to from start to finish and enjoy every single track and still want to listen to it over and over (which I have done far too many times). I first discovered the album when I moved to Melbourne to start pursuing my career in music and it totally reshaped my taste in music and pushed me towards the RnB style music I love to listen to and make today.

I love that the album is theoretically dense but still all about the feel and soul and I really admire D’Angelo for having a strong street persona but managing to pull off soulful and innovative music for his time. I don’t regret many things, but I definitely regret not buying tickets to see him play at the Palais Theatre in 2016, but I was a poor Uni student and couldn’t cop the $160 ticket. Hopefully he’ll make the rounds again soon!

Melbourne-based R&B artist Will Clift has just revealed his heartfelt debut EP ‘Coast’ – teaming up with producers by Rob Amoruso (The Rubens, Sparrows, Jakubi), Julian Steel and Ben Oldland.

‘Coast’ is six tracks of sparkling sun-soaked R&B and swaggering soul-funk, with Clift’s enchanting vocal aerobics never straying far from the spotlight (a spot they wholly deserve to be).

Listen below!

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