Music Feeds Faves – 02/09/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Jack Grace – All Lost

Jack Grace has a debut EP coming out next month. This simple fact alone makes shitty rainy Fridays like this one feel a little less depressing, because now we have something to look forward to!

That voice, so gentle, so sincere, turned a lot of heads after his recent collaboration with Ngaiire. But now, it’s his time to shine, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Rich acoustic piano leads the way on All Lost, the second single off his upcoming EP. The keys climb and fall, and the bass lines are fluid, roaming around over crisp break beats. His voice follows those lead lines, and his melodies are beautiful, simple and repetitive, even a little lazy in their delivery.

The introduction of a high pitched synth builds tension, and as the vocals continue to follow the piano, the drum sounds like it gets dragged underwater, until the synth re-emerges and pulls us back up. Eventually, Grace’s voice turns to liquid, drenched in processing, heavy with emotion. He drifts further and further away, until he disappears completely.

His style of production has so much clarity. It’s simple. It’s refreshing. Jack Grace is a tall glass of water for your ears./ Zana Rose, Staff Writer

Oh Boy & Donatachi – Bunny Island (ft Mallrat)

Oh Boy is another in a throng of Aussie producers tapping into sugary, 64-bit gaming vibes and making music from it. It’s an area that was cracked wide open by Wave Racer and Sable over the past 3-4 years. There are distinguishing aspects of his music though, primarily just how insanely clean his production is, whilst still remaining supremely cute. He’s collaborated with fellow electro-pop producer Donatachi on this one – but the undoubted star of this one is teenage sensation Mallrat.

We already knew she could rap, and belt out a catchy pop tune, but Bunny Island highlights that she does just as well inhabiting this weird space between singing and rapping. Her vocals on this are cut and layered over each other like samples – making the production even cleaner. How in the good name of Bob Saggett is this muso not even 18 yet??? / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

Tiny Little Houses – Song Despite Apathy

All your ’90s teen angst feels and contempt towards the state of the modern world come together on Tiny Little Houses’ scuzzy new single, with the Melbourne band offering a devastating reflection on the world we live in – “I can feel us dying/ And it seems like no one cares or knows/ The world is spiralling out of control” – yet delivering yet with buoyant sing-along vocals and bouncing guitars. You’ll find yourself screaming out and fist pumping through the entire song, whilst also bemoaning the world’s imminent demise. Despair never sounded so good. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Ali Barter – Girlie Bits

Throughout this week, I’ve been singing in my head the words “No you don’t understand what it’s like to be a man”, and it’s all the fault of Girlie Bits, the catchy AF new song from Melbourne’s Ali Barter.

Girlie Bits has nothing to do with body parts, it’s about the cage of what we expect of women: girlie guitar parts, girlie singing, hair; this idea of ‘femininity’ and how to fit within it,” Barter says.

“But women are not some gentle, watered down version of men. We do it our own way. We work really hard to write good songs and play great gigs – only to have people critique our clothes and the look on our faces, instead of the music.”

Now prepare to get Girlie Bits stuck in your head, too. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Alter Bridge – Show Me A Leader

While Slash is back in the hat touring with his old bros in Guns N’ Roses, the Les Paul slinger’s partner in songwriting crime Myles Kennedy has rejoined his old band as well.

Alter Bridge have just loosed the debut music video from their fifth studio LP, The Last Hero. It’s called Show Me A Leader and it’s pretty much the most ’80s sounding thing we’ve ever heard from the AB squadron.

These dudes have clearly gotten to a point in their career where they don’t give a single fuck whether this thing charts or not. In a country where singles are increasingly butchered into 1 minute 30 second radio edits, the US melodic metal lords have unleashed a 5 minute shredfest.

The multi-riff jammed beast of a tune feels like pure self indulgence, but that doesn’t mean it don’t still kick ass. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Edward R. – Who’s Going To Love You

I may have used this metaphor before, but it stands that if I ever decide to climb a mountain I’d like Edward R. to soundtrack that moment I ascend upon the summit. That twinkling piano and warm voice soothe me as I spot the peak just within my reach. My weary body suddenly flushed with energy and my pace quickens as the hand claps kick in. I break into a light sprint as the chorus builds to a layered and almighty crescendo. And as Edward R. – in his exalting falsetto – poses the question “who’s gonna love you now?”, I reach the top, content in knowing that whatever the answer, I’m going to be OK.

Yeah it’s a schmaltzy image, but that’s what this kind of cinematic, uplifting indie pop does to you. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

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