Music Feeds Faves – 07/03/17

The Music Feeds team is ready to wax lyrical about tunes we’re digging and show how ~cool~ we are when dropping that new music knowledge. Here we’ve wrangled together the fresh new songs that made an impact on us these past few weeks, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

The Dead Love – ’99’

Sydney grunge lords The Dead Love have sweated out an off-chops new live clip for ’99’, one of the most eardrum-punching tracks off their 2016 album So Whatever. The tune is like a musical cement mixer of savage riffery, hot-gravel vocals and furious nostalgia, brought to life in the most appropriate way possible: live on the crusty, beer-drenched floors of Sydney rock den Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice.

The clip’s arrival comes as the trio of barber-shunning mosh merchants prep to warm up the stage for the legendary COG at their sold-out Sydney show tonight, and ahead of a big Canadian run supporting ur m8s Dune Rats & Hockey Dad on their The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit tour, not to mention a massive-ass showcase at Canadian Music Week alongside Good Charlotte and Papa Roach.

Ones to watch, y’all. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Catcall – ‘One Time’

When you’re filled with dread that the world might be going to hell in a handbasket, it’s good to soothe your delicate sensibilities with some unabashed bubblegum pop. Pop that’s synthy, saccharine and slick. Pop that instantly conjures memories of spinning So Fresh CDs on your portable stereo in your bedroom, putting on pop star concerts for Jemima and Mr Squiggle (ABC kid 4 lyfe). In other words, the new single from Sydney’s Catcall is good for what ails you. It’s officially out now on all streaming platforms meaning you have no excuse to not put it on repeat immediately. And because I know you can be lazy, I’ll even drop a SoundCloud link here. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Geotic – ‘Actually Smiling’

Geotic is a moniker of Baths’ Will Wiesenfeld, who has just released new album Abysma under his quieter (but still just as pretty) ambient alias.

‘Actually Smiling’ is a song I can imagine soundtracking an ad for a futuristic apartment, Black Mirror-style. Coincidentally, Abysma has apparently helped Wiesenfeld soundtrack his new coastal abode.

“So much of dance music is about partying and going out and having a really hardcore social experience,” he says.

“Dance music has never been that for me. So much of my experience listening to music is being by myself – at home or in my car.”

Wiesenfeld’s label describes Abysma as “dance music created for at-home listening” but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its intricacies.

“I see it as being a comfortable middle ground between that crazy hyper-emotive EDM and the hyper minimal deep dark club stuff,” Wiesenfeld says. “I like both of those things in different amounts, but I like the middle ground most. It’s not showy, it’s just a comfortable emotional zone.”

With its steady grooves and bright melodies, ‘Actually Smiling’ is definitely ‘comfortable’, and not in the way music critics usually use the word. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Vallis Alps – ‘Serity’

Sydney-based dup Vallis Alps have crafted some impeccable songs in their time and their newly recently released EP Fable is further evidence of the breadth of David Ansari and Parissa Tosif’s talents. Each track on the EP highlights a certain facet of Vallis Alps, varying in tone, production and sentiment, and, for me, new cut ‘Serity’ is a standout.

Ascending to an uplifting yet serene climax over its near seven minutes, ‘Serity’ twists and turns with cinematic flair without being overwhelming. According to the band, Fable represents a “more forward-looking outlook” from the band, written with “the intention of conveying a crossroads in life, where you realise the beauty of youth and the lessons it can teach your older self.” When life lessons come packaged as beautifully as this, who could resist a little learning? / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

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