Music Feeds Faves – 16/10/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some (often highly legible) words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

The Drones – Taman Shud

The Drones dropped a kick-ass new single this week, calling out everything and everyone from Andrew Bolt to Masterchef and tribal tattoos, so Bolt, of course, went ahead and pretended he wasn’t offended by it. Job done. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

World Champion – Avocado Galaxy (Lissvik Remix)

So I missed reviewing the actual single a couple of weeks back (it’s top notch, with some pretty trippy visuals from Elliot Shields aka Easy Feeling from Sydney party crew Pelvis) so I’m pretty excited to get to review this Lissvik remix of World Champion’s debut single Avocado Galaxy, which takes the already spaced out psych pop number and rockets even further into outer space.

Part of a forthcoming remix EP featuring the likes of Melbourne club royalty Tornado Wallace and LA based Ras G, the Lissvik remix turns the trippiness up to 11, with the bubbling synths from the intro of the song extended throughout the whole song. Turfing the 60’s soul inspired hand claps and bassline, the remix seems to slow down the fast paced psych-tronica of the original without actually slowing it down at all. Some really great light touches of production tie it all together, with the end result being a very new take on the track that is still kind of hard to separate from the original. Very excited to hear what else the remix EP has to offer after this. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

MKO Sun – Michiko

Brisbane muso MKO Sun is back with another fire track off the back of her latest single Black Seaweed – the music video for which you must also feast your eyeballs on btw. Like its predecessor Michiko packs a thwarting punch, alternating soulful vocal acrobatics with with fierce electronic production, all held together by a dramatic piano melody.

The two tracks will feature on Opus Opalus, MKO Sun’s “iridescent new 7-track EP”, due to drop this November. Already earning her stripes as one of Australia’s most exciting new talents (and one of the best dressed ones if her Facebook page is anything to go by) make sure to pay attention to MKO Sun and watch this space. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor


WALKEN – Even If It Kills Me

Brand new Brisbane based two-hander WALKEN have ripped their way onto to the music scene, much in the same fashion as an AFL team runs through one of those big sheets of paper before a game. (Could that sentence have been anymore Australian? No. No it bloody well couldn’t have, mate.)

Even If It Kills Me is a ripsnorter of a new song which feels transported from my late 90’s angsty rock music phase. Like, I can envision myself listening to this on full blast in my bedroom whilst lying on my Buffy the Vampire Slayer doona, thinking about life and shit.

Grungey but with hooks for days, Even If It Kills Me is totally rad MUM and no, I won’t turn it down and come to dinner, LET ME FEEL MY FEELINGS. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director


Basenji – Air

What a lovely track. In his signature way, Basenji has taken bundles of sonic silk and thrown them into a woven unity. I imagine Seb in his atelier pricking his ears to the sonority of space, plucking the air of its saccharine whistlings, and all with a swift ease. I only imagine this after seeing him garbed in a glorious all white co-ord at ListenOut – the verisimilitude to the White Wizard himself was uncanny.

Air proves that Basenji, like the venerable Gandalf, is a maker of magic. So let the song’s kawaii-colour enchant you. Also, If you want to experience Basenji’s musical alchemy you should go to OAF tonight. It will be fantastic.

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