Music Feeds Faves – 17/02/17

We’re back baby! The Music Feeds team is ready to wax lyrical about tunes we’re digging and show how ~cool~ we are when dropping that new music knowledge. Here we’ve wrangled together the fresh new songs that made an impact on us these past few weeks, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Thundercat – ‘Friend Zone’

We’ve all been there, and now bass wizard Thundercat has made a song about the ‘friend zone’.

Thundercat’s swingin’ take on the relationship phenomenon is swimming in underwater bass and synth arpeggios, as well as the line “Because I’d rather play ‘Mortal Combat’ anyway / I want a love like Johnny Cage”, and a reference to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’.

It’s all very cheeky, and very, very good.

‘Friend Zone’ will appear on Thundercat’s new album Drunk, which is set for release on 24th February. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Tkay Maidza – ‘Carry On’ (Wave Racer Remix)

If you’re like me you’ve been battling through the last year wondering why life seems harder than usual. That’s no coincidence, as it’s been almost a year since we’ve heard any music from one of Sydney’s favourite sons; Wave Racer. Now he’s made a return to the limelight with a remix of one of 2016’s biggest singles; Tkay Maidza’s Killer Mike-featuring track ‘Carry On’. An unexpected match perhaps, but proving he’s much more than an electronic music genius, Wave Racer has put his own typically wavey spin on the track whilst retaining the original hip-hop/pop sentiments. Jump on the hype train peeps, because with new originals on the way for the rest of the year, this could be Wave Racer’s biggest, and most unpredictable year yet. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

Father John Misty – ‘Pure Comedy’

Man if there’s an over-used idiomatic expression that encapsulates dealing with 2017 so far – all 48 days of it, don’t tell me you’re not counting – it has to be: “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry”. Never has that old adage proved so helpful to me and if there’s one man to help navigate these juxtaposing forces it’s Father John Misty. As an artist who has proven, time and time again, capable of holding a light to the hypocrisies and at times horrors of our reality – armed with his unmatched wit and some catchy as hell melodies – the subversive balladeer’s aptly titled ‘Pure Comedy’ is a scathing and hilarious rebuke of the current state of the world. Listen, laugh and, you know, try not to cry.

Father John Misty’s third studio album, also titled Pure Comedy, will be out this April 7th and can’t come soon enough. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Gunk – ‘L1’

Say hello to new producer on the block Gunk. The enigmatic Sydney-based alchemist has just crept onto the scene with a brand new six-track EP that swirls with ambient sounds and frantic beats that create a mesmerising tonal tapestry. From its dark low drones to its ethereal highs this collection is vibe city. Check out some of Gunk’s first offerings below and check out the full EP here. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

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