Music Feeds Faves – 1/7/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Sydonia – Eyes Of Sand

Your favourite metal band’s favourite metal band Sydonia are back to their heavy roots with Eyes Of Sand, the first cut from their forthcoming as-yet-unnamed third studio LP. The track blisters with raw aggression and frenetic energy, with DIY production giving it a fittingly rough, raw edge.

The Melbourne lads’ latest is basically like a musical running of the bulls – kicking off at breakneck pace, charging ahead as the adrenaline builds before finally goring you with a monstrous, screaming breakdown. No bull. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

Angel Olsen’s third album My Woman is shaping up to be a whole lot sassier and more high-fi than 2014’s gorgeous Burn Your Fire For No Witness.

Shut Up Kiss Me, which comes with a video directed by, written by and starring Olsen herself, turns the singer-songwriter’s folky vibes into something more akin to bratty garage rock.

My Woman is out on 2nd September. Until then, “Shut up, kiss me, hold me tight.” / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Young Summer – Alright

The first new music from US singer-songwriter Young Summer in two years, Alright is a glistening indie-pop song bristling with waves of undulating synth and perfectly balanced vocals, sometimes restrained, others relinquished with emotion.

It’s almost cruel that this new song was released during our antipodean winter, as it feels like it would be best listened to whilst skipping across a sun-drenched field, one hand on a partially melted golden gaytime, another clutched tightly to a new lover. Ugh. I’m so lonely, you guys. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Dillon Francis – Candy (Ft. Snappy Jit)

Serial industry prankster Dillon Francis is currently in the middle of filming a short series of videos parodying the DJ lifestyle, but he’s managed to get into the studio to write this Moombahton gem. With many Dillon fans generally unsatisfied with his move away from the Moombah style that he became known for with his like Masta Blasta and IDGAFOS – this track should be welcomed warmly. It’s definitive proof that Dillon Francis is at his best when he keeps it simple.

Set up as a basic build-up/drop (and repeat) structure; Candy is a surefire club banger, and that filthy drop will have you ready to headbang. As with a lot of Francis’ music the video clip is half the fun. Inspired by his pet piñata, a horse named Gerald; the video is typical trolling by Dillon; featuring a random throng of weird dancers superimposed into a bedroom, while Gerald loses his mind everytime the beat drops. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

Sum 41 – Fake My Own Death

It feels like everywhere you look these days, something from our childhood / teens gets ruined. Whether the singer of a favourite band commits some horrible crime, or it turns out this whole time your favourite band hated each other. Just when it seemed to be at an All Time Low…Sum 41 announced 13 Voices.

The return of lead guitarist and strong mental influence Brownsound meant untold possibilities. And Fake My Own Death proved them all true. The first morsel tasted just as sweet as Chuck, and just as gamey as Does This Look Infected?

Like when Wall-E found the plant, or all the stuff from that Bruce Willis film The Kid – Our past has come back to save our future. / Mike Hohnen, Staff Writer

Blood Orange – E.V.P

So in case you missed it Blood Orange aka Devonte Hynes released his new album ahead of schedule earlier this week, and I urge you to listen to it as it’s awesome. Lush synths, and rich vocals line up from start to finish on the album, but if I had to pick a favourite song it’s by far E.V.P. which to me hold echoes of Cream-era Prince in its low key boogie disco and spoken word opening. The chorus is all Blood Orange though, with Hynes deploying his golden high pitched vocal harmonies to great effect. / Micheal Carr, Staff Writer

Brian Fresco – Higher (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

As if Chance owed us anything more after his excellent Coloring Book this year, he’s now jumping on other artists’ tunes to propel them into the spotlight. Brian Fresco is part of Chance’s Save Money crew and he’s delivered this dance floor stomper with the assistance of Chance. It’s taken from his forthcoming Casanova mixtape and it proves that he’s the kind of rapper that can deliver underground cuts as well as radio hits.

This is a banger in ever sense of the world. It’s driven by a groovy beat, weighted by a soulful chorus and solidified by solid verses. Chance actually doesn’t take much away from Fresco allowing him to have the spotlight. It’s a slick tune and the perfect introduction to Fresco for anyone who hasn’t come across him already. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Ngaiire – Blastoma

This album is named after the cancer that Ngaiire fought as a child, and the music encapsulates her ferocious resilience. We have been drip-fed her four singles over the last year, and Blastoma has technically been this long in the making. But you can hear Ngaiire’s lifetime behind this release. This superhuman has done some serious diggin’ in her short time here on Earth, and lucky for us, she keeps on finding ways to carve something spectacular out of it.

Anchor catapults you into eerie wavering synths and thunderous drums. Ngaiire’s powerful voice, leading bass lines and bright piano gradually climb up and out of all the murk and darkness. There’s a duet with Jack Grace thrown in there; an 80’s love confession set to dizzying warped synths. One piano key repetitively striked over glitchy syncopated drums builds the tension in House On A Rock, ultimately giving way to a hooky chorus brimming with luxurious harmonies. Yes, times a thousand. / Zana Rose

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