Music Feeds Faves – 18/03/15

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Jameszoo – Flake

Jameszoo’s Flake to me is the audible representation of a futuristic Geppetto tinkering in his workshop. We start with tiny little squeaks, while magical cogs turn leading into a series of glitchy chimes and then, at almost a minute and a half in, comes a jazzy drum roll as a 70s funk version of Pinocchio is brought to life. In this story, Pinocchio reforms his pathological lying tendencies by becoming a jazz piano virtuoso.

Look it’s all a bit fanciful, but this track is all fantasy. An eclectic collection of fantastical sounds, joyously and lightly bouncing in and out. Flake will feature on the Dutch artist’s debut album Fool due out on May 13th, and I for one cannot wait to see what other adventures are in store. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor

Tiny Little Houses – Milo Tin

Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses have been slinking around for over a year now, with an EP and some hefty Triple J rotation bringing their warm, reverbed-out guitar vibes to the country’s earholes and new track Milo Tin, which dropped this week, is admittedly more of the same, but look, if it doesn’t put a grin on your exhausted Friday afternoon countenance, you’re some kind of heartless monster and you are banned from this website.

Leering languidly towards you like a drunk race-goer in high heels walking across damp lawn, Milo Tin is a perfectly balanced slice of fuzzed out garage rock. Grab a scoop of the good stuff, that much-loved Aussie Brown Cocaine and let the concerns of the past week slide away. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Sampa The Great – For Good (Ft. Remi)

Remi and Sampa. Yep. Say it again. Remi and Sampa.

So these guys have gone and made this meandering hip hop track. A clean Afro-beat shuffles daintily as Remi slings his words around like frisbees. Sampa warbles in the spaces between the wordplay with her saccharine, i’ll-melt-the-percussion voice. It really is a perfect exercise in musical collaboration and complementarity. Right now, it’s raining and the song is playing – the pitter patter of water and Remi and Sampa. / Luke Bodley, Presenter & Contributor

Kanye West – Wolves (Low Ton Bootleg)

Taking Kanye’s track and turning it into an epic jersey club vibin’ banger, Low Ton’s Wolves Bootleg is the first slice of what’s to come from the unholy trinity team up of DJs Chanel (FKA Baby Face Thrilla) and Cache One with production wunderkind Victoria Kim. Making their live debut at the opening night of Sydney’s 20th Biennale, where they will be spinning three headed live remixes, these three are some of the few voices offering a dancefloor alternative. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

LANKS – Golden Age

Like me, you’ll probably wonder why the opening 30 seconds of the new music video from flawless indie-electro angel LANKS appears to feature the handsome man himself in the midst of a monster grog bog from hell, but don’t worry, it will all become apparent very soon.

IMHO literally every single release from the Melbourne producer so far, has been flawless, including last year’s Hold Me Closer, which is perhaps my favourite singular song from 2015. Golden Age sees old mate Will lean more heavily on percussion, going absolutely batshit on the drum machine to mesmerising, infectious effect, as well as more unworldly screams, distorted into computerised yelps of unknown emotion. MORE PLEASE LANKS THANK YOU. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

JAERA – Frequencies

If you like what Sydney house crew Rüfüs are doing in the alternative dance space you might well love new kids on the block, JAERA. The duo – producers Jordan and Neil – have a new single fresh off the press, a summery house track perfect for blasting through the speakers on a chilled afternoon beer n’ barbecue sesh. This one never drops or breaks in a big way; just keeps you floating in a dreamy haze.

It’s mastered by Klaus Hill, who’s worked with Peking Duk and Yolanda Be Cool among others, so the boys are in good company. If you’re looking for truly relaxed vibes this weekend, Frequencies is a must for the playlist. / Rosie Pentreath, Staff Writer

Mura Masa’s – What If I Go?

Everything British producer Mura Masa does is scarily perfect. His last track with Shura Love For That was luscious and beautiful and this latest What If I Go? is another heart-melter. He’s recruited fellow up-and-comer Brit Bonzai for this one and together they have crafted a soulful opus. It’s packed full of delectable sounds from the vocal sampling to the tropical percussion that gently ushers you into the chorus.

Mura Masa has such a knack of making his songs multi-dimension and on this one it feels like we travel through numerous stages. There are emotional, soulful parts, tropical tinges and then times when his feet are firmly on the dance floor. It’s like he’s going “I can do this and this….and THIS”. Even if it is showing off I couldn’t care less because it’s the work of a master. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Basenji – Chroma

Following a stellar 2015, Basenji has kept the vibes going this year with his first new track Chroma. This latest cut has been kicking around his live sets for a little while now and definitely isn’t your standard dance track. It’s an easy, breezy tune doesn’t rush any of its transitions and instead focusses on slow layer-building.

Chroma may be based around one vocal sample, but it’s in the layering and texture of the instrumentation that Basenji shines on this one, as he explores just about everything you could possibly do with adding and subtracting layers of sound, creating a surprising amount of complexity in what sounds initially like some fairly simple melodic motifs. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

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