Music Feeds Faves – 22/04/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Spirals – Neptune (ft Danny Cohen)

Sydney’s Spirals, better known to their family as Jerry Agbinya and Kirk Body, have quietly been making waves around the city with their lush instrumental electronica. Recalling the full bodied sound of producers like Edan and even some of Madlib’s work in feel if not style, their idiosyncratic percussion gives the otherwise synthetic world a very human, almost jazzy feel.

I say almost jazzy here with an emphasis on almost. You won’t have to be butting up with any 10 min buddy rich drums solos or anything. Neptune is the lead single of their freshly released self titled EP which you can check out here. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer 

SLØTFACE – Sponge State

In what is probably one of my favourite music industry stories of the year so far, Norwegian punk-rats Slutface recently announced they had changed their name to SLØTFACE in the light of missing out on opportunities with social media and outlets who for, let’s be honest dumb-as-shit reasoning, avoided engaging with the word slut, ultimately making it visually and algorithmically safe, but maintaining the general pronunciation of the word ‘slut’. KU-FUCKING-DOS SLØTFACE. Take a lap.

The borderline genius band have followed on with this savvy marketing move by dropping a scintillating new track Sponge State, and today, a new video which works only to increase my utter urge to marry the whole lot of them. The clip shows the activist-minded four-piece heading up to a student protest in Førde, Norway, where top-notch humans were chaining themselces to drilling equipment in silent protest against a government approved Nordic Mining company dumping more than 250 million tonnes of chemicals and waste into the bloody beautiful fjord.

Ripsnorter of a song, inspiring as fuck, environmentally minded video clip. I’d be their sløt, anyday. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Ric Rufio – Rewind (sketch)

Ric Rufio has finally stepped out from behind the shadows and into spotlight with his first ever solo release. After working with an impressive bunch of artists, including Chet Faker, Daniel Johns, Rudimental’s (the list does go on) Rufio is now setting his own tone, with his first single Rewind (sketch), and boy oh boy is it smooth.

With a slow and sultry R&B groove, super hooky vocal ‘ooo’s’, a chorus so catchy that it’s impossible to get out of your head, no wonder it’s nearing 39K listens on Soundcloud. And the song was written in homage to Prince. Could there be a better day to draw attention to this exciting new talent? / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

The Kount – Only Human

There’s just so much electro-glitchy-funky goodness coming out of Canada at the moment. The Kount is the latest example of a young producer who is absolutely kiling it – regularly churning out choons heavily battered and deep fried in funk.

His latest crank is a track called Only Human, and its a glittering example of The Kount’s semi-explorative, super syncopated method – complete with bass guitar licks and slaps. There’s something very Chromeo about those little bass fillers – hardly a coincidence seeing as that the FunkLordz also hail from the Great White North.

The other hugely notable feature is are the syncopated rhythms that are littered thoughout this track – leaving spaces in the sound layers that you can imagine some old jazzy dude standing at the side of the stage going “Ohh! Yeah! Yo!” in between. Throw in that synth and you get a track that’s catchy and clean… I can see you bopping your head – don’t fight it. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

DZ Deathrays – Blood on My Leather (Twinsy remix)

You know DZ Deathrays, the deliciously filthy scuzz-punk duo from Brissie and you know Twinsy, former Yacht Club DJ and crazy talented beatmaker. Mix em together, with about two cases of Red Bull, a deep, deeeeeep whiff of amyll and you get the below, Blood On My Leather, the Twinsy remix.

You know when some d-list blogger describes a new tune with the beaten-to-death prefix of “strap yourselves in and click play” or whatever, but I swear to fucking God, this song made me physically shift out of my chair such is its absolute ferociousness. Do not play whilst driving or whilst eating hot, hot soup or whilst holding a small child. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Sticky Fingers – Outcast At Last

OK, I’m finally starting to get the whole Sticky Fingers thing. You guys have been harping on about them for ages but I could never quite figure out the mass appeal of this gang of loose unit Newtown reggae-peddlers with their longnecks, bucket hats and random dalmatians.

But after a couple of muso mates made me endure a full-on StiFi YouTube binge this week, I’m happy to report I’ve been completely brainwashed. The band’s brand spanker Outcast At Last has been stuck in my damn head for a full seven days straight, and now it’s going to be stuck in yours too so suck it.

You win this round, Sticky Fingers. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

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