Music Feeds Faves – 4/12/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some (often highly legible) words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Charles Murdoch – Privacy (Ft. Oscar Key Sung)

The silly season is about to get to the level of silliness where you lose all track of time and become devoured by present buying, party attending and building up the courage to deal with your racist Uncle Trevor, so before all that shit, inject some chilltronica into your life to calm your farm.

This new track from Brisbane producer Charles Murdoch features the droopy yet electric vocals of my future ex-boyfriend Oscar Key Sung and flows towards you in frenetic bursts of colour. Couple spins of this and you’ll be zen enough to handle December, trust me. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

James Blake – Retrograde (Feki & Glasshouse Cover)

James Blake’s Retrograde is one of my favourite songs. Blake’s crooning falsetto and smooth production forever transport me to a place of ennui-infused serenity. So 19-year-old Brisbane producer Feki had some lofty heights to scale in covering the Overgrown track, and boy oh boy have he and collaborators Glasshouse come through with this gorgeous reimagining.

The brass right up front takes you straight to chill-town, then those reverberated synths kick in, making you feel like you’ve just launched into outer space, only to subside, leaving you blissfully floating around in the ether. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor

Made In Paris – Dancing In The Dark  (Heretic Remix)

The Heretic remix of Dancing In The Dark by Sydney synthstress Made In Paris has been in my headphones a lot this week, as has the original. The latest release Australian techno institution Motorik, this is walkin’ in the club music on a heavy dose of ketamine and I love it.

Heretic does a great job with the tracks, the regular R$N favourite’s remix taking the original’s high energy dark synth work and reeling it back into some seriously drugged up and downtempo death disco. Out on Friday be sure to grab the whole EP, which you can preview here. / Mike Carr, Staff Writer

Tashka – Each Time

Don’t let the chill electro-lounge intro of Each Time delude you into thinking this fresh track from Sydney producer Tashka is anything but the red-hot injection of funk-laden dance it is.

By the end of the first chorus this gem really kicks into gear, dropping a whole mess of synthy production and crystal clear pop vocals onto the end of your week and if it doesn’t gee you up for whatever you’ve got on next, you may be dead inside. I’m so sorry, RIP your guts, you monster. / Mitch Feltscheer

Boo Seeka – Fool

Sydney’s Boo Seeka have been dropping fire single after fire single this year, landing them some covetable airplay on local radio, and for good reason. Their latest single, Fool, continues the trend with its Jeff Buckley-esque vocals layered over an irresistible groove and highly danceable samples.

For bonus points, it comes with a video helmed by Sydney-based director David May and starring Instagram wunderkind GKHZ, as he treks across Sydney’s rooftops and tunnels, dodging trains (aka being a ~Fool~) for a typical night on the town.

If you dig the track and you’re a local, good news! Boo Seeka are kicking off a nation-wide tour early next year. If you’re not, come visit! It’s lovely here that time of year. / Nastassia Baroni

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