Music Feeds Faves – 5/02/16

Zayn – Pillowtalk

Zayn Malik has traded in his polished boy band pop for an edgier and more authentic sound with his debut solo track PILLOWTALK. Fans and foes alike were tentative about the singer’s first release post-One Direction, but its secure place at the top of the Australian charts since the release last Friday says it all.

An overt ode to his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid and the polarity of their relationship (describing it as both a “paradise” and a “warzone”), the track is refreshingly honest and oozes sex appeal. Flaunting his signature hair-raising falsetto, Zayn has swapped the bubble gum pop for smooth r&b and thumping beats.

With his debut album Mind of Mine due for release in March, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of the Bradford bad boy. If we can expect a slew of similar bangers, I personally welcome the year Z016 with open arms. / Sally McMullen, Contributor 

TEES – Spending Your Heart

Sydney dream pop duo TEES are back with a video for their latest single Spending Your Heart. Built on a base of 90s house synths courtesy of producer Sean Duarte, the track is given a more restrained dimension by the ghostly reverb soaked vocals of Liz Tillman.

The video directed by local filmmaker Daniel Havas with art direction by visual artist Mia Middleton compliments the nostalgic vibe of the track, featuring a tale of love unspoken between two rival ball people. The tennis fashion is very on point here, as is the fluid slo-mo shots of intense ball retrieval action. / Micheal Carr, Staff Writer

Arthur Wimble – Hearts

Nobody really knows who Arthur Wimble is, such is his ~mysterious~ approach to PR, which to be quite honest, I’m getting kinda sick of. I mean, sure, it worked for ZHU and a handful of other veiled producers but it’s just feeling lazy at this point and I really don’t give two shits if you’re 100% transparent or hidden behind an animal mask anymore.

Anyway, forced enigmaticness aside, whoever this dude is, is doing some gooooood shit, as latest heartbreaker of a woozy electronic track Hearts proves. With squeaky clean production and some truly inspired use of percussion, this newy will hit you right in the titular. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Massive Attack – Take It There (Feat. Tricky & 3D)

In further proof that trip hop is alive and well, Massive Attack have returned with their killer Ritual Spirit EP, whose final track is a spooky and plodding number called Take It There.

The song features vocals from frequent collaborator Tricky and Massive’s very own Robert “3D” Del Naja, and it dramatically brings to a close the group’s first release since 2010’s Atlas Air EP. Get your ears around it. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Two People – Fading

I was waiting for something to come from Snakadaktal and I’m so glad that two of the members have decided to do something. Their debut tune as Two People is such a mature step-up for them. It’s moody, ambitious and really damn heartbreaking.
The vocals of Phoebe Lou are breathy but they also have a real dense presence to them. I love how the beat begins intimate and then begins to flourish ever-so-slightly. That final minute is really something. It’s right out of Four Tet’s text book and something that really works alongside Lou’s vocals. Good to have them back. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Caveman – Never Going Back

New York based indie outfit Caveman thankfully return to our ears this week with new single Never Going Back being the first release in nearly three years.

The melodic, hook-laden Never Going Back is so god damn enjoyable, I’m actually dreading the flogging it’s inevitably going to get on Triple J. I can see Richard Kingsmill’s boner from here. / Mitch Feltscheer

Gallant – Skipping Stones

No cliche intended when I say Gallant starts off on a high on this. His crisp, soaring falsetto hits you like a gust of heavenly wind within the opening seconds of Skipping Stones, and just when you think his angelic tones can’t be matched Jhené Aiko comes in to sucker punch your heart with her effervescent vocals. It’s sad and ebullient at the same time.

Sure you’ll fall in love with the track, but don’t go making it your signature “couple song” just yet, this one, at least according to Gallant is “for the lonely ones this Valentine’s Day”. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor

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