Music Feeds Faves – 8/7/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!


Save The Clock Tower – The Familiar Decay

Ordinarily, songs take a few listens before they truly leave an impact on your  consciousness.

But that ain’t the case for The Familiar Decay, the title(ish) track from Tassie lads Save The Clock Tower’s just-unleashed album.

The surging belter hits so hard it’s likely to knock you over. From it’s poignant piano lines and wistful melodies that bleed into distortion and desperate metalcore wails to its emotional thunderstorm of a chorus, this song is a fucking alt-metal opus. It’s little wonder it’s helped propel STCT to a #1 iTunes debut on the metal charts.

Listen to The Familiar Decay (and prepare to have your bloody heart ripped out) below, or else catch the dudes performing it live on their The Familiar//The Decay album tour this month. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Crystal Castles – Concrete

I’ll always have a soft spot for Crystal Castles, even though Alice Glass is no longer in the picture. This week the duo of Ethan Kath and new singer Edith Frances dropped the new song Concrete, which is perfectly dark, crisp, glitchy and just generally Crystal Castles-y.

What’s more, Concrete looks set to appear on Crystal Castles’ next album, whose title and release date appear to have already leaked.

*thumbs up* / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Clams Casino ft Kelela – A Breath Away

The man behind the beats on A$AP Rocky’s first album teaming up with Kelela was always going to get a trap nerd like me buzzing, but this track is so not what I expected at all – in the best way possible.

Sparse, simple and gorgeous, Clams’ production gives Kelela the room to move and, well breathe, while still doing enough to hold your interest. His use of effected percussion in particular stands out, sounding like underwater bongos . And while Clams and Kelela may be “a breathe away from heaven” as the lyrics go, listening to it I feel like I’m already there. / Micheal Carr, Staff Writer

Vast Hill – Calling Out

Get your dystopian disco shoes on! You’re going to be boogying like the world has been taken over by an AI robot aimed at cleansing the world of all people with an AB- blood type because they are the only people immune to a nerve gas that’s been in development by an evil corporation disguised as a pharmaceutical company called Biosphere and then half cyborg-half human Kurt Russell (he’s making a comeback) realises he is the last AB- on earth and has to destroy Biosphere, potentially sacrificing himself in the process. Vast Hill’s Calling Out is awesome and that movie should happen because of this song. / Harry Fuller, Presenter

Jack River – Talk Like That

Yeh so you’re going to want to get your ears around the latest signing to taste-making legends I Oh You, producer and singer/songwriter Jack River. Making herself known with this absolute gem of a debut, Talk Like That is a mesmerising, wistful slice of pop music that grabs you by the scruff of the neck with its swirling Legend of Zelda-esque synth motif before hurling you down a rabbit hole of heady distorted soundwaves and emotionally-injected vocal runs.

Hailing from the north coast of NSW, Jack River, real name Holly Rankin, is set to be a god damn powerhouse in the pop music scene if this first track is anything to go by. Look out Lorde, you’ve got a competitor on the way. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Gucci Mane ft Tupac – On Me

New Gucci Mane with a posthumous Tupac verse on it? Just take my money. Sure it’s a bold move Gucci, you know to put himself side by side against one of the best rappers in history, but it pays off, with his relaxed flow contrasting well to Pac’s intensity. And rather than “trap the shit out of it”, the production is very reminiscent of Dr Dre’s early synth heavy style off The Chronic and his early work with Snoop Dogg, although with a hardened edge to match Gucci’s aesthetic.

While it’s hardly the best hip hop track I’ve heard this year, probably not even the best one I’ve heard this month, it takes me back to my 6th grade wigger days, and I love it. / Micheal Carr, Staff Writer

Yon Yonson – Berlin

Sydney trio Yon Yonson have been around for a minute but Berlin might be the slickest thing they’ve ever dropped. Borrowing elements from R&B and electronica, they’ve crafted a melancholic but effortlessly delectable cut that’ll wash over you. The vocals are soft but they sit perfectly alongside the instrumental backdrop, never shouting to grab attention. Rather Yon Yonson grab attention with sweet pockets of musical sweetness like the lightly layered vocals or the pitched-up samples.

Lyrically, it’s a song formed from a conversation songwriter Andrew Kuo had with a Berlin artist about many things including housing affordability. It may be the most beautiful song ever to mention housing affordability. And, if you need to place a final cherry on top, it was mastered by Aussie musical wizard Andrei Eremin who has worked his magic on tracks by Chet Faker and Hiatus Kaiyote among many others. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Northeast Party House – For You

The first single from Northeast Party Houses’ forthcoming sophomore LP doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard from the band before. Their debut album had a certain Bloc Party-like intensity, with driving guitars and headbanging rhythms. For You is their first exploration into the realm of pop – strangely enough following the lead of Bloc Party in that regard as well.

They pull it off as well, and apart from a slight lull in the back end of the chrous, Hamilton-Reeves vocals are just as excellent as ever. It may be a significantly less organic sounding Northeast Party House – but they’ve pulled off this more synthetic vibe as well as could’ve wanted. It’s a super weird direction for them, and will leave fans having NFI what the new album will sound like. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer


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