Music Feeds Podcast Episode #51 – Kings Of Leon

Familial Southern rock ensemble Kings Of Leon were recently in the country to play two special Sydney shows at the Harbour and the Enmore Theatre, off the back of their sixth studio album, Mechanical Bull. Music Feeds managed to steal a little time from members Jared and Matthew Followill during their East Coast sojourn, for the latest instalment of Music Feeds Podcast.

The boys opened by stating that they took the rescheduling of their Harbour show in stride. “It happens,” said Jared. “That’s kind of the risk you take when you do outdoor things. You wouldn’t expect it too much in Australia, but it’s fine with us, we get to do it [the next day], so no big deal.”

Speaking on the planning behind their latest full-length release, Matthew said, “Was there a game plan? I don’t know. We had some time off, we took about a year off…we played a show and then we were like ‘Well, let’s just get back into the studio,’ so we started writing…it was a lot of jamming.”

“We kind of just wanted it to be a little bit less serious, maybe, than the album before it. We felt like the album before it almost started to go towards like an Americana feel and we’re kind of trying to get away from that a little bit. The main game plan was just to make it not suck,” added Jared.

Regarding comments recently made by frontman Caleb Followill regarding a proper Australian tour in 2014, the boys said, “Absolutely. This is arguably our favourite country to tour. We’ve always had a great reception here…we will one-hundred percent be here next year at some point.”

Listen to Music Feeds Podcast Episode #51 with Matthew and Jared of Kings Of Leon, below. Check out our entire series of podcasts right here!

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast #51 – Kings Of Leon (Jared and Matthew Followill)

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