Northeast Party House – Introducing Pascal Cavalier

Melbourne six-piece party band Northeast Party House are all set to release their new single Pascal Cavalier this Friday, July 13. Ahead of the ensuing 3-date single launch tour, NPH guitarist Jack Shoe kindly took the time to respond to Music Feeds’ inane questions, and in the process broached the subjects of onstage dance moves, ‘Shovel-Bass’ and the elusive identity of Pascal Cavalier.

MF: Who is Pascal Cavalier and why do they say he ‘walks on water’?

JS: We wrote the song together as a band without clarifying beforehand who the main character was. So we each have different interpretations of him. For me, he is this self-proclaimed wizard I met on a train in Chicago last year. He performed card tricks for me while his accomplice (A young child) sat next to me and tried to pick my pockets. True story by the way. I don’t have a clue why they say he can walk on water though. That part was written by Zach (Vocals).

MF: What was the lyrical and musical inspiration behind the new single?

JS: The majority of the instrumental parts were written back in 2009 when Sean (Keys), Zach and I first started making music together. Sean was playing in an 80’s cover band at the time and I think that is reflected in his synth lines, haha. We were listening to bands like Cut Copy and Friendly Fires at the time, which may have had some influence on the overall feel of the track. In production the track changed a lot with the inclusion of Mitch’s (Guitar) vocals. It’s a new dynamic that we didn’t have the luxury of experimenting with on our debut EP, so it was fun to have a new element to play with.

MF: When writing new single Pascal Cavalier, was it a premeditated decision to compose a song so catchy and upbeat or did it just turn out that way?

JS: During the initial writing stages of the song the main focus was how the track would be received live. We wanted the verses to build up to an energetic chorus that would get people jumping. Once again it was in production when our attention turned to incorporating melodic hooks and bright tones.

MF: With 6 people in the band, how do you go about meshing everyone’s ideas into one coherent consistent song?

JS: There it is! One of the hardest challenges of being in a band. We’re still figuring this one out is the honest answer. Our tracks have been quite diverse in the past, but it seems recently we have taken a step closer to finding a signature sound. About a month ago we started working on an old demo and everything just fell into place. That never happens with us. You have to be open to everyone’s ideas but at the same time keep in mind that we are a ‘party’ band and whatever we write has to work live and hopefully get people moving.

MF: On the band’s Tumblr, one member of Northeast Party House is rocking out on a spade. Can fans expect any ‘Shovel-Bass’ on the upcoming tour?

JS: Haha, I didn’t think anyone actually looked at that page… I wouldn’t rule it out, but I think the ‘Shovel-Bass’ has had its 15 minutes. Things come and go, the sooner you can accept that, the easier life becomes. Pftt

MF: What makes a live performance distinctly Northeast Party House?

JS: We put a lot of attention into all aspects of a live performance, not just the music. The music is crucial and we try and get that part right first. But we don’t expect people to pay an entry fee to simply just observe us plucking some strings. We like the audience to feel involved. It’s very rare to find a motionless crowd at one of our shows. Even in the slower tracks people are crowd surfing and moshing. I think it’s got to do with our name. It incites wild behavior. Never violence though. That’s something we’re proud of. Everyone seems to be happy. Sure they go crazy, knocking into each other, throwing objects across the room… but they’re always smiling!

MF: Which band member has the best/worst onstage dance moves?

JS: Zach is without a doubt the dancing queen. He shuffles, he twirls, he bounces. His energy on stage is great and I think it influences the rest of the band members just as much as the crowd. Our manager dislikes one of the members dance moves, but I won’t mention names to save myself from the grueling band politics that would follow if I did.

MF: You guys recently put together a playlist for Groupie Magazine titled ’10 Songs That Made Us Feel Cool In Primary School’ featuring Wheatus, Sugar Ray and Limp Bizkit…who’s to blame?

JS: Ah that was me. But the other guys were into those bands too. Limp Bizkit are a tour-van favorite.

MF: We have all embarrassing songs from our past we secretly love (Belinda Carlisle – Summer Rain) but who are Northeast Party House’s current influence?

JS: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is the only artist I can safely say the whole band likes. A few of us are digging the new Hot Chip album. I know everyone’s taste except for Malcolm (Drums). He’s a weird unpredictable dude. He comes from a hard rock background but openly admits to liking top 40 pop tracks.

MF: When can fans expect an LP?

JS: 2013. Hopefully in the early warm parts of the year. We’d like it to be a summer record, but it all depends on how quickly we can write some good tracks.

Listen: Northeast Party House – Pascal Cavalier out Friday, July 13

Watch: Northeast Party House – Pascal Cavalier


Northeast Party House – Pascal Cavalier – Single Launch Tour

Friday 13 July

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Supported by City Calm Down, I Oh You DJs and Diamond

Tickets on sale now via Corner Box Office (57 Swan St, Richmond) | 03 9486 1677 | www.cornerhotel.com

Friday 20 July

Goodgod Small Club, Sydney

Supported by Panama and Colour Coding

Tickets on sale now via Moshtix www.moshtix.com.au | 1300 GET TIX

Saturday 21 July

Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane

Supported by The Belligerents and Fairchild Republic

Tickets on sale now via Oztix – www.tickets.oztix.com.au | 1300 762 545

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