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There is a clip on the Thundamentals Myspace page that quite conveniently sums up the underyling principles behind their musical philosophy.

Dj Morgs – “I guess Thundamentals to me has always been about fun. Havin’ my three best mates in my crew with me is like… probably the dopest thing anyone could ask for.

Jeswon – “We just stay true to the music that we believe in and takin’ it back to the root of hip hop which was havin’ a good time and representin’ for your crew, representin’ with ya mates and not takin’ yourself too seriously.”

Having fun, having a good time. It’s a theme that seems to run through the conversation as I sit down to talk to the crew. There is something more significant to their rhymes than just the superficial party exterior, but the Thundamentals assure me that when they’re on tour it’s all about connecting with their audience.

“We’re not all blasé party raps. You know, we’re tryin’ to get a bit deeper than that but essentially when you come see a live show we just want to have fun, meet the locals and hang out with you guys. That’s the main objective.”

“There’s no fuckin’ wankerish bullshit about pretentious fuckin’ performers. We want to meet the people and fuckin’ get down.”

I get the feeling these guys are trying to connect on a personal level, despite their larger than life personas. There’s nothing controversial in their approach to music and it’s endearing to hear them talk about it.

“Thundamentals are all about peace, love and unity. It’s all about the music. People get in to whatever music they like to get in to. Hopefully they enjoy the stuff that we’re doin’.”

“We just came to rock the part-ee” another member chides in over the top, a common occurence throughout the conversation. The crew can’t help but drop in over the top of each other sometimes, removing any doubt that this really is a crew full of mates out to have a good time. Those good times have been committed to wax recently for their new release.

“We just got a seven track Ep out. That’s self titled, and then hopefully pretty soon we’ll have an album ready. We’ve got a coupla tracks up our sleeves. They should be well and happenin’ about mid next year.”

“Ready for all the good people out there to… cop.” A good marketing slogan to be sure – “Straight cop that shit.”

With a healthy hip hop scene in Australia, the Thundamentals admit to feeling the pressure to establish an identity in the midst of all the quality (and sometimes crap) artists out there.

“Yeah, we’re tryin’ to be as professional as possible. It’s a very cutthroat market at the moment. There’s a lot of talented people come out of Australia, let alone Sydney. There’s a fuckin’ thriving scene here as well so you’ve just gotta have your game on.”

“Hopefully what may stand us in good stead is our work ethic and just tryin’ to maintain and be as busy as possible and push all fronts. Any opportunity we’ve got to get involved and push our name out there we’re gonna be takin’ it. Hopefully that will set us apart.”

They certainly seem to be maintaining a healthy amount of activity, with Mtv associate producer and “good mate” James Bullock lending a hand to produce a video clip for the single off the Ep, Storm Warning.

“We’re just busy workin’ on that and I guess just trying to make this long player as bangin’ and massive as we can get it soundin’ for its release halfway through next year so yeah, just always got music to write and always got things on the go.”

“The Ep is just a learning curve for us so getting it out and doing video clips and all that kind of stuff is just tryin’ to prop us up for the long play and the albums we have yet to write. We’re just makin’ it all come together so we have a real good firm idea of how to bomb the scene mid next year.”

I’m already looking forward to their next gig with Dialectrix after sitting down with the MC, so I ask the crew what their expectations of the night are.

“Should be large. These boys are doin’ plenty of promotion. We’re gonna promote the turd out of it and just try and make it the biggest night Sydney’s seen I suppose. The Tongue will be on hostin’ duties, and a little bit of freestyle action with ourselves.”

Photo By Jim Skouras

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