Omnia – Summadayze 2013 Interviews

Omnia is a 25-year-old Ukrainian EDM artist whose fledgling career is rapidly gaining momentum across the globe despite his young age. Finding himself in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll of 2012 and with the support of peers such as Above & Beyond, Omnia has released an arsenal of singles and remixes.

He is currently in the country as part of Summadayze 2013, which has two more dates taking place this weekend on the Gold Cast and in Perth. Omina’s maiden voyage to Australia has surely been a memorable experience for both the DJ and his growing legion of fans alike.

Music Feeds: Your music may be defined as trance, but how broad are your influences?

Omnia: I’ve been inspired by very different music always… I’m a big fan of trip-hop and Brit-pop and of course other EDM genres like progressive or deep house and d’n’b.

MF: Sander van Dien of First State recently wrote that trance can be “a very formula-based genre”. Do you agree with that statement?

Omnia: Honestly, I usually don’t think about genres – it’s all about the music for me. I love to hear how some producers can mix different music genres together in one and I think we will destroy genre boundaries more & more in the future.

MF: How do you ensure that your music stays fluid and doesn’t become rigid or formulaic?

Omnia: I’m always trying to use something new but at the same time I love to keep some of Omnia’s signatures in each track.

MF: Over the last two years you’ve released a string of singles (My Inner Island, Plug & Play, The Tune, Halo, Hearts Connected, Infina) and remixes. Just how many hours a day do you spend in the studio and how long does it usually take for one of your tracks to come together?

Omnia: Yeah, I’m spending the main part of my time in the studio. To be honest, I’m not very fast in the studio because I don’t want to release something I don’t like just because I’m in a rush for a release schedule. Sometimes one track takes a week, but sometimes even months.

MF: Spending so much time in the studio must be an isolating experience. Is your only chance to seek inspiration outside of the studio on tour or is your imagination sparked by the solitude of recording?

Omnia: I’m listening to different music all the time and this is my main source of inspiration. Sometimes performances at big events like ASOT or Godskitchen give huge inspiration. But usually I’m just catching melodies or some ideas in my head, and tracks start from there.

MF: As a DJ you both write originals and also record remixes. If you could chose only one, which is your preferred process?

Omnia: Definitely originals. And right now I’m trying to be focused on original stuff only. But sometimes I’m certainly getting very tempting remix-offers. Like, for example, I did a recent remix with great pleasure for Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt because Emma’s vocals were just brilliant, and I’ve found my own view of this track Calm Down. The remix is completely different from the original

MF: When you’re performing at Summadayze, what should Australian fans expect from your set, and in turn, do you have any expectations of how an Australian audience might react to your live performance?

Omnia: It’s hard to say how people will react considering that it’s going to be my first time in Australia. But I hope for the best! First experience is always very exciting and fascinating. So I just can’t wait already! I’m just going to play my favourite music and some of my new tracks.

MF: Of all the acts appearing at Summadayze, who are the top two you’d like to work with and why?

Omnia: The Chemical Brothers! They are the main culprits of why I’ve started making music. Best electronic band ever!

MF: What does 2013 hold for Omnia?

Omnia: A lot of new tracks and gigs all over the world!

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