PREMIERE: All Our Exes Live In Texas Create Magic On Stage In Live ‘Boundary Road’ Video

Sydney folksters All Our Exes Live In Texas have just unearthed a new musical gem from their soon-to-be-released album, When We Fall. Dubbed ‘Boundary Road’, the sweet little single comes packing a sweet music video that showcases the gals’ on-stage chops.

The clip was shot during the group’s Sydney single launch at Oxford Art Factory in October of last year, and will likely bring a smile to your face as the song brings a tear to your eye.

“Boundary Street is a street in West End – a suburb in Brisbane that I spent a lot of time in as a uni student,” explains singer and guitarist Katie Wighton, who reckons the idea for the song was sparked by a brekky date with her mum.

“My Mum and I would often eat brekky there on a Saturday morning,” she says. “We had this one… ‘discussion’ that got quite heated and ended with her saying ‘What if I want to be the one to fall apart once in a while’. She’s a singer/songwriter which means she is generally accidentally poetic. So I stole those words and made them into the chorus for ‘Boundary Road’.”

The video is premiering on Music Feeds just as the ladies are trekking around the US, where they’ll be playing various showcases followed by SXSW sets.

Their new album, When We Fall, is due out on Friday, 3rd March and you can pre-order it here and watch the live video for ‘Boundary Road’ below.

Watch: All Our Exes Live in Texas – Boundary Road LIVE

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