PREMIERE: Crystal Cities Celebrate The Adventures Of Childhood In ‘Who’s Gonna Save Us Now’ Video

Newtown troubadours Crystal Cities want to help reconnect you with your inner child and they’re using their new music video to do it. The Aussie outfit have today unveiled the arresting visuals for their latest single ‘Who’s Gonna Save Us Now’ and in it explore the themes of adventure, innocence and the search for freedom.

Set in the 1940 Australian countryside, the clip follows the journey of two kids who have momentarily escaped from their privileged life, fuelled by their bold curiosity in a quest for adventure. The raspy vocals of Crystal Cities frontman Geoff Rana soundtrack their journey as he asks “Who’s gonna save us now?”.

“Hearing the track for the first time, I felt that it had to be about a journey,” the clip’s director Vittoria Merlino Dentice tells Music Feeds. “The melancholy notes mixed with the optimistic lyrics screamed for something different, and I had the idea of doing the video as a period piece, set in the 1940s, following two well-off children escaping into the bush.

“There was a strength and independence, and daring, to children of that era that appealed to me. And, I guess, a sort of innocence that’s lost today. The technical challenges of any period piece are enormous, made even bigger on a small budget. But there’s a romanticism to that period that I love, and I wanted to tell this story in spite of the challenges this presented. I think the video’s meaning is open to interpretation, but for me, it’s about growing up too fast.”

Dentice’s concept hit home for the band. “It wasn’t too far from what I had written the song about,” explains Geoff Rana. “Vittoria’s ideas parallel the message behind the song, which explores the exploitation of freedoms through corruption via government administrations. The lust for profit over natural resources, health, equality, law and freedoms.”

You can catch Crystal Cities performing the track live when they play at Sydney’s Vic On The Park on March 31st.

Watch the video in full here below.

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