PREMIERE: Donnarumma Come Out Swinging With Debut Single ‘Love Your Man’

Adelaide three piece Donnarumma aren’t mucking around with their debut single. ‘Love Your Man’ is a sonic punch to the gut and heart, driven by commanding horns, sinister jazz-inspired percussion and an overarching desperate plea for reciprocated love.

“The song was about my distorted perception of a relationship I was in,” frontman Louis Donnarumma tells Music Feeds. “At the time I felt like I was doing all the right things but upon reflection, I was most certainly not. I guess the song’s about travelling back in time to that moment of frustration, the one we all feel when we have a partner, the one where you feel like you’re putting in so much and getting very little back.

“Now I realise that it was, in fact, the total opposite, she did everything for me and I just lost the love for her. In the isolation I felt, post-breakup, I decided to get it all off of my chest. ‘Love Your Man’ was born though being blocked out of someone’s life.”

‘Love Your Man’ will feature on Donnarumma’s upcoming EP Billy Billy, due for release on June 30th. Donnarumma will also be hitting the road to celebrate the EP’s release throughout July, playing on stages in Adelaide, Melbourne, Wollongong and Sydney along the way.

Donnarumma ‘Billy Billy’ Tour Dates

Saturday, 1st July

Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide | 18+

Friday, 7th July

Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne | 18+

Thursday, 13th July

Rad Bar, Wollongong | 18+

Friday 14th July

The Townie, Sydney | 18+

Free Show

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