PREMIERE: E for Echo Capture Life in Lockdown with ‘Killing Time’

Sydney’s E for Echo return with new single ‘Killing Time’ today, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives tomorrow.

It’s a cathartic slow-burner that gradually unfurls around big, textural walls of sound and gorgeous harmonies, buoyed by an uplifting chorus. All that foregrounds the track’s reflective lyrics about living in lockdown, and the toll it’s taken on so many, capturing the confusion and anxiety of the pandemic’s early stages.

“I remember the first time I visited Jenna [Murphy, vocalist/guitarist] when lockdown eased,” says the band’s Zana Rose.

“We didn’t hug despite not seeing each other for weeks, sat on opposite sides of the room with the windows wide open, opened a bottle of wine and wrote this song. It was a relief just to make something together in the middle of such an unsettling time”.

‘Killing Time’ arrives alongside a video helmed by Sydney director Ned Henderson, which features a giant bear as an adorable metaphor for the frustrating restrictions of isolation life. Interspersed with footage of the band performing the song together, a protagonist is repeatedly blocked from leaving the house by the bear-costumed character.

The twist comes when the pair unite in a tender embrace, and the bear is invited inside. The video culminates with a handful of real-life homes of people living in Sydney, as we get to share their window-view of the outside world.

Watch the video for ‘Killing Time’ below.

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