PREMIERE: Get A Taste Of Superheist’s Ferocious Live Show With New ‘Got The Bounce’ Video

Australian heavy music stalwarts Superheist are giving fans a bite-sized taste of the kind of mayhem they’re accustomed to unleashing on stage, via the ferocious live video of 2017 track ‘Got The Bounce’.

Abounding with energy, passion and more than a few pyrotechnics, the clip the video combines snippets of a mini documentary made by Her Name Is Murder Productions and aims to portray the very essence of Superheist – a hard rock band whose singular concern is making and performing music.

“We wanted to show what time on the road and on the stage is like with Superheist,” guitarist dw Norton tells Music Feeds. “There’s nothing like actually being there but we hope this shows a little of what it’s like.”

“‘Got The Bounce’ is a track about the facts of life in a band,” explains frontman Ezekiel Ox. “Superheist doesn’t sit around judging other bands, whinging on socials. We get in the studio, create the music, create the film clips, then go and tour it. That’s the job, that’s the mission. Everything else is bullshit noise”.

Fans can witness this for themselves at one of Superheist’s remaining Raise Hell tour dates. See details here.

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