PREMIERE: Go Soul Searching With Royal And The Southern Echo On ‘New Lows’

Brisbane songwriter Bryce Schneider has done some soul searching. Two years ago he packed his bags, took some time away from a few music projects and set out to see the world. It was in an appropriately cold Berlin apartment that his Royal and the Southern Echo project was born and new single ‘New Lows’ chronicles some of that emotional journey.

At once tender and frustrated, hopeful and desperate, ‘New Lows’ is a portrait of depression and taps into the mix of highs and lows that come along with the adventure and isolation of discovery – both physical and internal.

Without wanting to dictate the song’s meaning for listeners, Schneider says he was inspired by “the peaks and troughs that we sometimes face alone or with the people closest to us – and also those moments of laughter that sometimes puncture our darkest moments.”

“My favourite line is: ‘walk through closed doors holding truth, I hope that you know that I notice the truth in you’,” he adds. “For me it’s about the idea that the deep understanding in our personal relationships can help us break down at least some of the barriers to happiness.”

‘New Lows’ is a taste of Royal and the Southern Echo’s debut EP, expected to be released mid-year through Create/Control and Schneider’s own label Bed Burrito Records.

Listen: Royal and the Southern Echo – ‘New Lows’

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