PREMIERE: Monarchy Play With Spacey, Dancefloor Funk On New Banger ‘Hula Hoop 8000’

Australian-bred, London-based duo Monarchy know their way around a banger and today the dynamic pair, Ra Black and Andrew Armstrong, are turning the danceable vibes up to 11 on their new track, ‘Hula Hoop 8000’.

Part futuristic beats, part funky nostalgic swagger, ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ takes cues from music’s funk and R’n’B greats and shoots them into outer space, with swirling synths and glittery, dancefloor production.

“I used to escape my reality as a kid and listen to loads of funk music from the ’70s and ’80s like Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Prince. It really was like nothing outside my window. And in some way I’m always wanting to create music that makes me feel like a kid again,” explains Monarchy’s Ra Black. “It’s often a battle, cause I also want to create something that’s authentic to my own experience as a human. I’m really happy with how ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ turned out, cause it’s both authentic and fantasy.”

“I felt like a ‘Hula Hoop’ is something so playful and for kids, so I wanted to have the kids clapping syncopated sound like kids playing a game in a playground, like a skip rope,” adds Andrew Armstrong of the song’s production. “And then I wanted it to explode into the chorus with lots of energy because that’s what the lyrics imply, that life was all fine until the girl came through with her Hula Hoop and made it all crazy, so that’s the wiggly synth line running through.”

Continuing the futuristic dance floor theme, ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ also sports cover art from celebrated 3D artist Kidmograph, who has also worked with The Strokes, Bruno Mars, Kanye and Frank Ocean.

‘Hula Hoop 8000’ is out today. Have a listen, right now!

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