PREMIERE: NZ Duo Terrible Sons Release Stunning Visuals For Aching New Acoustic Ballad ‘Dark Song’

Dear fans of Bon Iver, Angus & Julia Stone and Vance Joy, do yourselves a favour and get your ears around the new musical offering from mysterious NZ duo Terrible Sons.

Comprised of husband and wife duo Matthew and Lauren, Terrible Sons layer lush, soul-tingling harmonies over aching acoustic guitar lines on their new single ‘Dark Song’, appropriately premiering via Music Feeds on this extra-dark day, Friday the 13th.

The song arrives with a stunningly cinematic music video, which at 8+ minutes is essentially a short film, created by a sizeable crew of actors, producers, designers and artists headed up by director Arthur Gay.

“Arthur was heading off to Berlin when we talked about him working on ‘DarkSong’,” the duo explain. “He had been keen to do something for that song quite a while beforehand and he started sending us tonnes of notes of where the film could go…

“It was unrelentingly dark, deathly but he had some idea of redemption in there… no tied-up, resolved ends mind you. He wasn’t too interested in what we thought the song was about but looked to the emotions it brought up for him,” they continue.

“So there’s this light and darkness going on, often literally, life and death. But things aren’t as they seem, I like that, there’s hidden depths even when you don’t intend them to be. Maybe it’s like art commentary, you look at the piece of art and think the artist wasn’t thinking or intending all this you’re saying, they just loved the tactile nature of the paint over canvas, had a rubbish day, spilled the pot, whatever…”

Feast your eyes and ears on Terrible Sons’ ‘Dark Song’ below, before it features at a very exciting film festival very soon!

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