PREMIERE: Ruby Gilbert Weaves Magic With Debut Single ‘Oh, Bones’

Ruby Gilbert is nothing short of a sonic enchantress. Weaving a musical alchemy of Australiana-tinged experience meets Americana-style, Ruby has created her spell binding new single ‘Oh, Bones’, premiering today on Music Feeds, ahead of the release of her newly announced debut EP Dearly Beloved which hits shelves Friday, 1st June.

Telling the story of the ghosts of friends who leave our lives, ‘Oh, Bones’ comes from a dark place; inspired by important people who become nothing more than reveries. Told through a grit that would make Johnny Cash blush, ‘Oh, Bones’ is not only dark, but abrasive. That said, there’s a soaring spirit contained deep within the song, one that represents hope and new beginnings and steers the track into far more riveting pastures.

The track first saw the light of day as an entry in the recent Queensland Music Awards, where it found its way to the finalist list, testament to Ruby’s handle on storytelling. All sounds heard on the track come from Ruby herself and producer Aaron Shanahan. The story continues from the music and onto the greater release. What’s more, the single artwork chosen for ‘Oh, Bones’ wasn’t simply an after thought, but a key ingredient from the troubadour.

“The artwork for Oh, Bones is a photo of my great-grandfather who disappeared from Tasmania many years ago,” Ruby reveals to Music Feeds. “I discovered the photo in one of my Grandma’s old photo albums and I felt it had a unique connection to the song.”

‘Oh, Bones’ comes as the first offering from Dearly Beloved, the debut release from Gilbert. The more encompassing body of work promises more tales of heart-break, told through a unique and endearing lens. Following its release, Ruby will be officially releasing the EP with a performance at Bloodhound Bar.


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